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The incredibly humbling experience of learning another language

Ever since I backpacked around Asia 15 years ago, I have wished that English wasn’t my first language. In the Tower of Babel that is a Bangkok dormitory, I was almost ashamed to be monolingual as I watched Asian, European and Middle Eastern travellers slip between two, three or more languages. There have been opportunities […]

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Vanuatu: What am I actually doing here?

I've been working as a volunteer here in Port Vila for a few weeks now and I've started to get a handle on what I'm doing here. Not in the existential sense, but the actual nuts and bolts of The Year I Spent in Vanuatu ... read more

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Adventures in Vanuatu: Settling in

I can’t quite believe it, but we have been in Vanuatu for a month today. Obviously a lot has happened in that time, but I think I can't say we have finally settled in. You may think settling in to paradise is pretty ... read more

I have some news_ moving to Vanuatu

DTEM has moved to Vanuatu!

So you may (or may not) have noticed  I have been missing in action for the past ten months or so. What happened was this: I tuned in to Real Life for a while there (I know, what was I thinking?). As it turns out, ... read more