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That time I said “yes” to bubble bath

[Sponsored post] My poor kids. It’s taken almost eight and six years for them to hear the words they have been waiting to hear: “Yes, you can have bubble bath.” Ever since they could speak they’ve asked for bubble bath and, most of the time, the answer is “no”. In all that time, I have […]


DTEM Review: No Pong natural deodorant

I have a beautiful friend called Boy (true story) who never wears deodorant. At least, he didn't when we were working side by side in a sweaty pub 20 years ago. Surprisingly, Boy generally smelt quite delightful despite ... read more

The Swag review DTEM

DTEM Review: The Swag

Whether you've heard about it already or not, I have a feeling The Swag is going to be the Next Big Thing in clean eating. So is this new Aussie product worth the hype? Will it really save you money and reduce food ... read more