A New Year’s confession

My Darling Husband recently pointed out that, due to my blogging activities, I may have misrepresented myself somewhat to the general public. And not just the fifteen kindly people who read this blog, but our circle of friends and family as well. He brought this to my attention as I I was stuffing my face with a cinnamon donut and chocolate milkshake from that little known health-food shop, Donut King.

And so it is, dear reader, that I start the year with a trifold confession:

  • I am not the food nazi I purport to be (well, not always)
  • I am far from the perfect greenie
  • My family eats crap and gets ignored occasionally

Sometimes… ok, quite often, I eat junk. I know it’s junk and I feel guilty about the dodgy ingredients and wasteful packaging but, dammit, sometimes, it’s just necessary. This morning, for example, my family has eaten Vegemite Toast on store-bought bread from the freezer for those times I can’t be bothered making my own (look at me, making excuses!), the offcuts from the coconut ice I made for this afternoon’s barbie, followed promptly by coffee and a lamington. To be fair, it is Australia Day, and beer is off the menu for me this year. Although if I weren’t six months pregnant, that might be another story.

And guess what else? Sometimes, because I simply can’t be arsed, I will throw a piece of paper or cardboard into the bin – the regular bin – rub my earlobes to wash away the guilt and promise to make it up to the earth one day. Sometimes, chemicals are the answer , and I love nothing more than a long, hot, wasteful shower.

When it comes to being a mindful mother, here are some home truths. My son goes to day care twice a week, he wears disposable nappies overnight and often has to literally drag me away from Facebook to play or read a book. Some days, I cannot wait to put him to bed.

I suppose what I’m getting at, and what my lubbly hubbly made me realise, is that this blog is an exploration of the person I want to be, rather than what I am. When I post a home-made-from-scratch recipe, it’s not to say “look at me, aren’t I good and isn’t everyone else bad for using store-bought”, it’s too say”woohoo, I’ve done something today that helps my family live a more healthy, less toxic and greener life. And I want to share it with you!” From there, you can take it or leave it. I’d love for everyone who stumbles across my blog to find just one little thing that resonates with them and that can fit in with their life.

This year, my goal for this blog is to be more honest and to find simple ways to live a greener life. And these I will share with you. To take or to leave. Maybe sometimes I will even share the naughty stuff , like this coconut ice recipe that contains about a kilo of sugar.

Thanks for reading and happy New Year xx


  1. Tanya says

    Every morning that I eat toast, I put it on a papertowl insted of a plate so there’s one less plate to wash up. I ALWAYS think to myself “What would Jo think of me wasting all this papertowl”. Now after reading your ‘confession’ I don’t feel so bad, hahaha!

  2. Kristy says

    Love, love, love it! My new year’s resolution is to bake a cake without the help of my dear friend ‘Betty’. Yesterday I said to Charlotte “shall we bake a cake?” and she raced to the cupboard and with a look of disappointment said “but we don’t have a packet mum!”……

    • (dt)em says

      Go Kristy! I don’t even know what they put in those packets – you have to add most of the ingredients anyway! Cakes are the easiest things to make from scratch and I always justify the eggs, butter and sugar by saying, “well, at least there are no additives or preservatives…”! x

  3. Susan says

    Love it Jo Jo… no one is perfect, especially not busy mums. I just think it’s great that people like us try our best when we have the time and aspire to do it more often and better.

    My big thing for this year is to get a compost when we finally move from our apartment to a house – can’t wait and I’m sure I’ll be patting myself on the back for a while after hehe!

  4. Jemma says

    joey, you legend! Loved this read & love your hubby for paying attention. Now this read definitely resonated with me. I hear the words of Edina Monsoon ringing in my ears: “just do your best darling”.

    congratulations on the new baby news too! I’ve had a second bub as well – another divine little girl, Maya, who was born at 28 weeks but who is now 10 weeks past her due date and going super strong!

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