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Aaaah, winter. Time of snotty noses, itching eyes and Darth Vader breathing (I experienced this first-hand this morning when I got into bed with Alfie). As soon as I hear someone say they’re feeling slightly unwell, I am screaming for the echinacea and lemon toddy. But did you know that 70 percent of your immune system is found in your digestive tract? Basically, happy guts mean healthy bodies, which can help you get through the germy times.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now about good and bad bacteria, and how they wage an ongoing battle within the deepest recesses of our intestines, but aside from yoghurt, there are very few food sources of good bacteria. This is an issue in my household because my husband is intolerant to dairy. For years, we thought his gut issues were the result of knowingly consuming dog in SE Asia, for which he received no sympathy. Now we know better, and his immune system is still paying the price for years of excessive cheese consumption. We have a jar of probiotic supplements in the fridge but, well, if you know anything about men and medicine, it won’t surprise you to know that they’re still all there.

Hooray to have discovered that Golden Circle makes a juice with added probiotics, the good bacteria we need to restore the balance. My hubby loves juice, so this is an easy way for him to dose up – a 200ml glass contains 1 billion beneficial bacteria. Golden Circle Healthy Life juice comes in two flavours, thick and smooth Apply & Mango, and the more zesty Breakfast juice, which has a little bit of pulp. The juices are dairy-free, have no added sugar or colours and come in recyclable packaging.

Heinz is the big company behind Golden Circle, and according to the Ethical Consumer Guide, this company has a policy to avoid GM ingredients and BPA, and has demonstrated commitment to managing their impact on the environment. All in all, Golden Circle Healthy Life is a feelgood juice, inside and out.

Product: Golden Circle Healthy Life juice
Description: two flavours of fruit juice with added probiotics
Cost: $4.99 for 1L
Available from: Supermarkets in the chilled section
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