Recipe: Quinoa & Vegetable Slice

This week’s recipe comes from blog Mouk and Monk in the Kitchen, which is all about cooking wholefoods with your little ones. I love this recipe because it uses quinoa, which I am still pretty new to, and also because you can mix it right up to suit the ingredients you have available. I used millet flour instead of spelt, swapped the broccolini for french beans and the carrot for butternut squash. Also, instead of dicing, I sliced the potato and squash. By the way, I used this recipe to cook to quinoa seeing as I had put the packet into my plastics recycling box and the quinoa into a jar… without writing the cooking instructions on the side, duh.

I was going to make a dairy-free version of this and serve it for dinner, but as we were taking a plate to a party, I went with the milk and cheese and, quite frankly, it is delicious. I’ve never thought of turning a boring old frittata into something special. The corn gives it a lovely sweetness and it’s light and fluffy thanks to the baking powder and flour. I will let you know how I go making a dairy-free version because this is most definitely a keeper.

The revellers at my party enjoyed it, or were polite enough to say they did. Obviously, the big test was how it went down with the fam. Alfie, that fussy three-year-old food critic, ate a slice and said it was yummy. I told him it was vegetable cake. I was actually surprised he enjoyed it because it was cold (he had it for lunch the next day) and he runs at the merest hint of stodge. Edith loved it, but she’s at that beautiful age where she’ll eat anything she can smoosh in her fingers or pick off the carpet.

So thanks Mel, a great recipe to add to the collection! To make this Quinoa & Vegetable Slice, from Mouk and Monk in the Kitchen, click here.


  1. Melanie Cushen says

    Thanks so much Jo. Really glad you gave it a go and enjoyed it, even with all the cheese! It’s great cold with some homemade salsa or chutney and freezes well, although I tend to make everyone eat it for lunches until its gone! What is it with toddlers and stodge? So frustrating! Xx

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