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Recently, I wrote about how to choose the most eco-friendly toilet paper. At the same time, I am looking for ways to avoid shopping at supermarkets, so imagine my happiness at finding eco-friendly toilet paper I could buy in bulk. Go on, picture it! I was pretty excited.

Who Gives a Crap is 100 percent recycled, chlorine-free and tested on humans (you’d hope so, wouldn’t you…). It is a social enterprise, with half of all profits going to WaterAid to build toilets and improve sanitation in developing nations. To get this product to the marketplace, Aussie entrepreneur Simon Griffiths sat on a dunny for 50 hours to raise the $50,000 start-up funds. That’s some serious dedication to the cause. photo-10

I ordered 48 rolls of Who Gives a Crap toilet paper, which was delivered free within a few days. My only gripe (not counting the punctuation fail/missing question mark) is that each roll is individually wrapped in paper, but I understand that this is to meet sanitation standards in offices and the like. I have written to the company asking them to reconsider this.

We actually had the chance to put the paper to good use recently when Alfie and I made crackers for our Christmas in July party. Guess what everyone’s real Christmas pressies are going to be wrapped in…

There’s only so much I can write about toilet paper – it does the job, it helps others and it’s made with sustainable practices. Do your bum and the world a favour and try Who Gives a Crap. Buy it here.


  1. katie says

    Thank you for this! I have also been looking for recycled toilet paper that I could buy in bulk and not come in platic packaging. The fact that it it benefits other communities as well is fantastic.
    Thank you :-)

  2. Abbie says

    Nice work on reusing the wrappings, and good to see a non plastic wrapped recycled toilet paper. Now to find some way to store nearly 500 toilet paper rolls in the house….
    On another note, another even greener (though for some people ickier) option is the idea of cloth toilet paper – essentially washable wipes – theory being that if you can wash cloth nappies and they’re fine to re-use once washed and dried, the theory COULD apply to “toilet paper wipes”. Not something for the guests (you may want to supply toilet paper as well) but just another option to consider. I haven’t made this step yet, but know of others that have. Just another option to consider, that’s all.

  3. Daphne says

    I can’t help but wonder, is it soft? i have tried recycled/eco friendly toilet paper out on my family before and it just isn’t soft enough!


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