Election Special: Voting for a lesser party is not a waste of your vote

vote green

As the nation goes to the polls tomorrow for the Australian election, I am feeling very nervous indeed. As discussed here, I think a win for the Liberal party will be a giant leap backwards for Australia in a rapidly-changing world. But KRudd and his pinched little mouth pissed me off with the PNG solution.

I’ll put it out there right now – I’ll be voting for the Greens… even though I don’t particularly want my local Greens member to win. Before you roll your eyes and say “hee haw”, I assure you this is not a pointless exercise or a donkey-style vote.

Rather than listen to me blither on, let’s hear from Dennis the Election Koala, thanks to Peter Alexander at Chicken Nation.  Speaking with Ken the Voting Dingo, Dennis will attempt to explain a little thing called “preferential voting” and why voting for someone you actually believe in is still a good idea.







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