Top ten posts

In case you’re wondering, this is a post about some of my most popular posts. Some hit a chord and went crazy viral, while others have been slow burners, steady work horses that go on and on… Rather than listen to me going on and on, please dive in! Find something you like and, of course, feel free to share.

  1. Dude what’s on your clothes? This post about chemical-soaked new clothing had readers rushing to the washing machine.
  2. I had no idea that so many people wanted to break up with the big supermarkets until I wrote this post.
  3. Although no-one actually took me up on the offer, lots of people were interested in reading about joining my commune.
  4. Genetically modified organisms in most foods in Aussie supermarkets? Here’s how to avoid GMOs.
  5. Love some earth-friendly toilet paper that gives back. Who Gives a Crap.
  6. Clothes again, only this time it’s cheap clothing under fire.
  7. The supermarkets tie for the next place with the best eco products from Aldi and
  8. Coles’ plastic packaging recycling scheme
  9. To the garden now for Ten thing you didn’t know you could compost
  10. Finally, this list helps you identify Australia’s most pesticide-laden foods.


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