Advertising, sponsored posts: the whys and whatfors



You may have noticed a few changes here on Down To Earth Mother. I have recently opened the blog up to advertisers in the form of the banner ads you see on the right and as sponsored posts.

I spend a whole lot of time on this blog and I love it – after all, my passion is inspiring and informing mums to make greener choices. But I can no longer afford to spend so many hours working on Down to Earth Mother without some kind of financial compensation.

If you’re wondering, any money or goods I receive through Down to Earth Mother’s advertisers will be spent on more sustainable food or non-toxic kitchenware, hopefully one day an eco-friendly holiday… I want DTEM to help me live a greener life, so I can help you live a greener life. My own little closed-loop system.

And ten percent of all money received from advertisers is donated to Planet Ark because they rock.

Wherever possible, I will ask my advertisers to pass on an offer or discount to you, my lovely readers, to say THANKS. The idea is that we will together create a win-win-win situation for you, me and the advertisers. If you want to support me, the best thing you can do is support my advertisers too :)

Naturally, I will not promote businesses or services that do not genuinely offer a greener solution. In many cases, I have reached out to the advertiser, not the other way round so you know they’re brands I am impressed by.

If you ever feel advertising is intruding on your enjoyment of this blog, please contact me. I really value your feedback and support.

jo xx
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  1. Jonathan says

    I like the way you have a clear focus on how you’re going to use money from advertisers and what sort of advertisers you’re going to accept and not accept. I haven’t really faced this issue myself as I only do one blog post a week and haven’t set out to monetize my blog. When I’ve seen paid for review posts, the main issues that I’ve had with a lot of them is that they’ve felt a bit more like advertisements rather than reviews that actually help readers to decide if a product is for them (e.g. by outlining pros and cons). I guess it all depends how you approach this sort of issue really.

  2. Laura says

    Well explained Jo! Sustainababy is proud to be one of your “hand picked businesses” and advertisers and we love supporting all that you do. Keep up the great work.


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