This month’s Pinterest Board: Ethical Fashion


With Buy Nothing New Month over for another year from tomorrow, I have a sharpened need for a bit of retail therapy. And nothing to wear. Why is it that twice a year, I inevitably decide I hate all my clothing? Does that mean I’ve looked shite for the preceding seasons?

Regardless of the reason for this inherent fault in my otherwise perfect self (ahem), I try every year to make my wardrobe that little bit smarter and more ethical. That means saying no to sweat shops or modern-day barely-legal factories like the one that collapsed in Bangladesh. It means staying away from the new Target that’s opened in my neighbourhood. Turning my back on anything that’s too cheap to be true. And sourcing what I can secondhand, of course.

But it does mean saying hello to market stalls (who get cross examined about their product), seeking out Australian designers committed to sustainable fashion, finding fair-trade options and discovering new fabrics that don’t use 2700L of water to produce one t-shirt (you can thank the peeps at Buy Nothing New Month for that little factotum).

I am not a fashiony type person.

Actually, I feel about clothes shopping (for new stuff) much the way I feel about visiting the dentist. I know it should be done, but the time, the expense, the pain! When I’m rich I will have a personal shopper who will be in charge of styling me in an ethical, sustainable way. Hands up who wants the job?

But I have enjoyed scouring the web for Aussie brands creating ethical fashion, and you’ll find some of my favourites from brands like KowTow and Ginger & Smart, plus bamboo clothing from Ettitude and organic cotton knickers from Urbanearthwear (pictured above). Be sure to check them all out on my Pinterest board, Ethical clothing.

If anything, my board has made me realise that I’m a simple gal. I like basics like t-shirts and singlets and I have bit of a frock thing going on. Well hey, it is summer after all.

What does your fashion board look like? Link it up and let’s take a peek inside your virtual wardrobe!



  1. Tanya Jenkyn says

    Hi Jo,
    Try, &
    Not sure if this is what rocks your world but they’re worth a look if you’re interested in aussies sashaying into the world of ethical threads and what not.

    • (dt)em says

      Thanks Tanya, I love Boomshankar – they sell up at the Eumundi markets. I’ve pinned a heap of their dresses. This summer is all about sun dresses and poo-catcher-pants for me…

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