What’s in a (down-to)earth-mother’s fridge?

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When lovely Sonia from Natural New Age Mum invited me to join this blog hop, my first though was “Yikes, I’d better clean the fridge and drink all the wine!” But I restrained myself from styling the fridge or baking a batch of earth-loving gluten-sugar-egg -fun-free muffins and kept it real, as Sonia suggested.

So. My fridge. A couple of years ago, I was hosting a mums’ group morning tea when I found my friend’s 10-year-old standing in front of my open fridge looking pretty shocked. “Why don’t you have any food?” he asked me. I’m pretty sure this is something I am going to hear a lot over the years!!

The second thing you need to know about my fridge is that it has blue lights, so there’s no chance of anyone shooting up in front of its open door. Just in case you were worried about that happening. This could explain why it was the only 4.5-star energy rated fridge we could afford.

Open up – here’s my fridge as of Thursday afternoon:

  • down to earth mother fridge 3Top shelf used to be the dairy section, but since my hubby has discovered he’s intolerant we only have a sad selection of Kenilworth Tasty Cheese, some scraps of parmesan and a scrunched up bit of organic butter.
  • On the next shelf, you’ll find the dairy-free spread that makes my toes curl. Behind that is an open dish with scraps of bread for making breadcrumbs. To the right, itty bits of millet flour, besan, quinoa flakes  and some tomato paste.
  • The middle shelf is land of the leftovers as I refuse to waste any food. Today we have some lamb stew, scraps of meat for training the dog and home-made puffed rice cereal (recipe here). I am phasing out plastic containers for glass, but it so happens that today they’re all in plastic. So be it!
  • Today I defrosted some lovely beef snags from Mitchell Grass Meats, from which we buy in bulk. There are some real beers, which is unusual, we usually have recycled bottles filled with cheap, preservative-free beer from our local Brew-By-U. That’s my wine – I didn’t drink it all :) Since having the kids, I’ve discovered that I really like little-old-lady wine, especially moscato. The big tub? That’s olives from Aldi. Totally unsustainable and not supporting local industry. I hang my head in shame. We use a lot of olives…
  • In the veggie crisper this week, some silverbeet, celery, eggplant, yellow squash, white onions, super-sweet carrots and potatoes from this week’s Food Connect box. I’ll probably hit the Sunday market for a top-up.

The fridge door: where sauces go to die (not really)

  • down to earth mother fridge 2Top shelf: Thai curry paste for a quick meal, capers, anchovies and homemade salad dressing in a black-bean sauce jar (confusing… see below). Next to that is a packet of pharmacy medicine that I never intend to use, but have because I freaked out one night thinking my daughter had croup and would then obviously die in the night and it would be all my fault.
  • Second shelf: ghee, some crappy mustard that I didn’t buy, tahini that I did buy, ginger marmalade from the Buderim Ginger Factory, dripping in a Vegemite jar (how 1950s is that?), black bean sauce, dijon mustard and lemon-lime-ginger marmalade from the Buderim Ginger Factory.
  • The “drinks shelf” contains a T2 jug of iced rosella-hibiscus tea, which is about as close as you’ll get to soft-drink in my house. Oh look, some sneaky jars: jam from somewhere up by Noosa, yeast for my bread-making efforts (I’m scared of sourdough), a jar of homemade sweet chilli sauce at the back and the water jug my hubby forgets to fill up.
  • Finally: Japanese mayo because it’s dairy-free and so yummy, a random jar of sauerkraut, more sweet chilli sauce, olive-leaf extract and organic tomato sauce.

What’s not in my fridge

The fridge is particularly empty today because we’ve been out having fun instead of doing sensible things like contributing to the economy… Usually, you would find at least half a kilo of bacon in my fridge as I consider it an essential. And eggs too, but the chickens aren’t laying very well at the moment. I do try to have a dip (beetroot-humous or avocado) in the fridge for munchies, some LSA or ground almonds and bought or homemade yoghurt for a snack. And yeah, there’s usually some kind of fun-free baked item floating around in there too! And chocolate – organic, dark, usually Alter Eco. I ate it all.

What do you think? Any surprises? Anything you wouldn’t want us to find in your fridge? Be sure to check out all the other brave bloggers’ fridges!


  1. Glenda @ Healthy Stories says

    I think we have the same fridge – mine has that hideous blue light in it too, and I chose it because it was cheap and available for almost instant delivery when my old one died last year. Does yours also play jingle bells when you leave the door open for too long?
    I love that you have a leftovers shelf – it’s so important to reduce food waste, and besides leftovers always taste better the next day
    Glenda @ Healthy Stories recently posted..What do you find in a nutritionist’s fridge?My Profile

    • (dt)em says

      Bahha!! Mine doesn’t play jingle bells, but I wish it did! I just get an annoying beep. My son thinks it’s really funny and holds the door open to hear the sound, then jumps around to it. It’s like his own private rave….


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