Sweet as: another eco-friendly toilet paper option



At the risk of becoming that chick who always writes about eco-friendly toilet paper, I am excited to let you know about another option for your bathroom.

Before we go there, we need to talk about sugar. Yes, sugar. More specifically, how sugar is harvested… After the top part of sugarcane has been chopped off and crushed to extract the sweet stuff, there are leftover stalks and other fibrous material that would usually be wasted. However, clever Aussie couple Geoff and Helen Arden have found the ideal use of this sugar byproduct: you got it, eco friendly toilet paper.

Greencane Paper is made from up to 80 percent sugarcane waste, blended with sustainable timber fibre to make a strong, soft toilet paper with a far smaller eco-footprint than most loo rolls you’ll find in the shops.

Sugarcane is a more sustainable crop than soft-wood trees, with far less impact on birds and wildlife at harvest time. According to the manufacturers of Greencane, one tonne of recycled sugarcane pulp can replace 17 trees.

How does it compare?

green-cane-toilet-paperI’ve tried Greencane Paper and it certainly does the job (regular readers will know my thoughts on toilet paper as a functional item, not a luxury). The paper is brilliant white through a non-chlorine bleaching process, although apparently sugar cane requires far less bleaching than tree pulp. The rolls are large (300 sheets) and thick (three-ply) and the packaging is compostable, so it’s thumbs up all round from me.

Greencane Paper is available online in a 48 pack for $39.80 plus $4 for delivery, making it a little more expensive than Who Give a Crap, although the rolls are bigger, so you can work out which is a better deal for your bum and toilet paper usage.

Greencane Paper Australia is currently in the process of being audited for Environmental Choice Australia certification.

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