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The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep cosmetics database is the world’s largest personal care product safety guide. If you haven’t checked out your personal care and make-up products with this incredible not-for-profit service, then you definitely should.

Why? Because there’s no pulling the wool over the Skin Deep database. If your moisturiser has dodgy ingredients like phthalates or hormone-disrupting chemicals, Skin Deep will call it like it is. Believe it or not, manufacturers of these fast-moving-consumer-goods, as they’re called, don’t always have your health as their top priority. True story.

To make life even easier, the EWG has released a Skin Deep mobile app, which has information and online safety assessments for more than 79,000 personal care products, 2500 brands and 9000 ingredients culled from product labels and from scientific and industry literature. You can scan the barcode of a product you’re thinking of buying to check out whether it’s really safe to use. Love it!

Download the Skin Deep app here on iTunes or here for Android.

Safe Cosmetics Australia

In other news, Safe Cosmetics Australia, which raises awareness of toxic chemicals in personal care products and campaigns for their removal, now has more than 40 brands on its Australian Certified Toxic-Free list. All these Aussie brands have been vetted and have met the organisation’s stringent standards, so you know they are safe for your family to use. Ranging from kids’ makeup to cleaning products, the brands on the list are all doing the right thing by us, so be sure to return the favour and give them your support.

View the list of Australian Certified Toxic-Free by Safe Cosmetics Australia here.


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