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Today I’d like to introduce you to a brand of natural baby products and skincare products that I just love. I first discovered WotNot when I was working on My Child magazine and had the good fortune to speak with its founders many times. What struck me about Sinead and Sioned (yeah, it was confusing) was how quietly dedicated these girls were – and not just to making a green product, but to building a green business from top to bottom.

Lets start with the products themselves: WotNot natural baby wipes are my first choice for disposable baby wipes. They have none of the synthetic chemicals found in leading brands, such as chlorine, petrochemicals, parabens and artificial fragrances. If you wash off the poo, they can go in the compost – seriously!

I’ve recently been trying out the WotNot Baby Balm, which is super-thick and luxurious. It has organic pawpaw extract but is petrochemical-free, unlike other leading brands, plus flaxseed oil to soothe. It doesn’t have a “nice” fragrance, which is another reason to love it. Instead, it’s more earthy and, you know, natural.

My favourite in the WotNot range is definitely the natural sunscreen. As I wrote here, it is ideal for my dry skin in summer, and contains no nanoparticles or titanium dioxide. I’m also loving the natural make-up removing facial wipes – I don’t wear a lot of make-up but I do love to clean the sunscreen and general grime off my face after a hard day at the park.

There are other natural baby products in the range, including wash, bath and massage oil and biodegradable nappy sacks, you can find out more here.

A sustainable business

Sinead Roberts and Sioned Guard started developing natural baby products around the time they each had their second bubs. As a result the business is family-friendly in a way we can only hope more organisations will be one day. Job sharing and flexible hours are just one aspect of this sustainable Aussie business, which continues to grow.

When it comes to stewardship of the earth, the founders go to great lengths to ensure their packaging and operations have minimal impact. I remember receiving a media pack from WotNot that was wrapped in reused office paper and newspaper. Let’s just say, they had me from day one!

If you haven’t yet tried WotNot, then please give them a go. You’ll find their products in health-food shops and some pharmacies, or can buy them online here.

Have you tried WotNot? What’s your favourite product?


  1. Rachael says

    I like these baby wipes for when disposables are needed. However the preservative is a ‘ ? ‘ on The Chemical Maze so I am now using Water Wipes. But WotNot is still far far ahead any of the other brands. I recently threw away a box of Huggies fragranced wipes that someone had given. I kept them just in case I ever ran out but I just couldn’t see that I would even use them in an emergency!

    • (dt)em says

      Thanks interesting to know, thanks Rachael. Those “leading brand” wipes are so noxious, even the unscented ones have a hideous taste (I kissed a sweet cheek after wiping a grubby face, just to clarify…)

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