Six ways to save money… and the planet

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Pretty excited to be guest contributing to the fabulous Childhood 101. The first in the Easy Green Series gives you six ways to save resources, including cash, with tips on how to get the kids involved…

1. Use less power

I remember Mum complaining about “every light in the house” being on. Now it’s my turn! If there’s no one in the room, there is no need for the light to be on, it’s as simple as that. Other ways to use less electricity include switching off chargers, printers, routers, computers, and televisions when not in use. Turn them off at the wall as they continue to draw power in stand-by mode. A good way to check if your home is “electrically quiet” is to stalk about in the dark looking for telltale red or green lights. When you find one, switch it off.

When it comes to heating and cooling your home, 25 is the magic number – every one degree cooler or warmer adds up to 10 percent to your running costs!

How this saves money: Unless you have an off-the-grid solar power system, you are paying for every kilowatt of power that is used. Less electricity used means less money spent.
How it saves the planet: By only using the power you need, you are saving on precious, dwindling resources such as coal and gas. Most scientists now agree that digging up and burning these resources contributes to climate change, so it makes sense to use electricity sparingly.
For the kids: Let them rise to the challenge of being light monitor for the day. Kids are also very good at reminding you to turn off at the power point… sometimes too good!

To read all six tips, head over to Childhood 101, and be sure to share your thoughts!


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