Five great reasons to compost

international composting awareness week

Welcome to International Composting Awareness Week! I’ve written before about the how-tos of composting your food scraps and garden cuttings, but today we’re talking about why greenies get so darned excited about compost. Below are five reasons why compost is simply amazing. Whether you’re a seasoned composter, newbie or need a little push in the right direction, I’m sure you’ll agree by the end of this post that compost is where it’s at.

Reduces waste to landfill

Did you know up to 50 percent of the stuff sent to landfill in our garbage bins is food waste? Shocking, huh? And don’t think food waste composts itself when it gets there. For food to break down into nutrient-rich humus, it needs oxygen, which is lacking in those enormous trash-mountains. Instead, food scraps rot, releasing methane, a greenhouse gas 25 times worse than CO2.

It grows soil

The difference between dirt and soil is that the latter is full of living organisms that spread and grow, eating up dirt and turning it into healthy soil. Think of yoghurt cultures multiplying and working their way through milk. Fermented dirt. Mmmmmm. Seriously, though, considering we have lost more than 70 percent of our topsoil since European settlement in Australia, every little bit counts. Give it back, man!

Compost makes stuff grow

Without life, not much will grow. If you’ve ever moved into a new-build and discovered the garden has had the life trampled out of it, or had a barren backyard with little ground cover, you’ll know that eking fruit, vegetables or flowers out of the empty ground is near impossible. Chuck in some compost, and lookey-here: abundance!

Saves you money

No need to buy blood’n’bone, liquid fertiliser, soil conditioner, clay breaker or any of that other stuff when you’ve got compost. It’s an all-in one champ that will boost your garden beds or veggie patch. Got an area where the grass won’t grow? Don’t buy chemicals, spread a thin layer of compost. You can also use compost as a seed-raising or potting mix.

Saves water too

Good soil gets plenty of air, exchanges gases effectively and is full of party animals. This soil, my friends, can really hold its drink, saving you time and money on water bills.

Want to know more about composting? There are heaps of activities on for International Composting Awareness Week. find out more here.

Got a question about composting? Ask away!


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