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I know you’re all waiting to hear about the Climate Reality Leadership training with Al Gore in Melbourne. In short, it was incredible. More than 500 people from 32 different countries, all with something pretty special in common: a desire to change the world. Al Gore spent a whole day with us and he was as inspiring and generous as you’d expect a Nobel Peace Prize recipient to be.

I’ve spent a week distilling all the information and advice from Al Gore and all the other fantastic speakers and obviously I have a lot to share with you. But first, I want to tell you where we’re at and what needs to be done.

My friends, we are in a pickle. And the situation for our children is way, way worse. But that is no reason for despair. Don’t you dare despair! There’s work to be done.

despair is another form of denial

I happen to be reading a book by Cesar Millan, aka the Dog Whisperer, another great hero of mine. He reminds us we are animals, therefore a part of nature, no matter how far removed from it we think we are. Cesar explains that nature deals with threats in four ways: fight, flight, avoidance and submission.

Up until now, I’ve been dealing with the issue of climate change with the last three tactics: wishing I could run for the hills, sinking into despair and looking for ways to prepare my family for the inevitable threat.

Today, I’ve decided to stop all that and fight – and I want you to join me.

We are not powerless. We do not have to sit back and watch politicians ruin our future for their short-term gain. We have a voice – and it’s time to use it.

The focus right now is on getting governments to stop burning fossil fuels – that’s oil, gas and coal. I know: what the hell chance does little old me have of making that happen? Well, you are a citizen of a developed nation and that means you have power. Believe it or not, politicians have to listen to what we say. As the adage goes, decisions are made by the people who show up – or in this case, the people who speak up.

You’ll be hearing a lot more from me on this issue, including what YOU can do to limit the damage done so far.

In the meantime, here are three things you can do right now:

  1.  Move your super
    Some of the world’s biggest investors are turning their backs on fossil fuels, but Australia is lagging behind. Telling your super company you no longer want your money used to invest in coal and other non-renewable resources sends a powerful message. Renewable energy is already more viable than non-renewable energy in many countries, making it a better investment in the long run. Find out more about this here.
  2. Save the “carbon tax”
    Since it was introduced two years ago, the carbon price on pollution has seen emissions from electricity drop by 10 per cent and there has been a 37 per cent rise in renewable energy. Don’t listen to the politicians – it is not a tax. It will not ruin small businesses. Instead, it will drive innovation and change. In just over a week, parliament will vote on the repeal of the carbon price. Write to your MP today to say you don’t support its axing. ACF makes it easy for you here, but remember a brief, personalised message is more powerful.
  3. Switch to green power
    Yes, I’d love you to put solar panels on your roof, but you don’t have to do that this minute. What you can do is ask your energy provider to supply you with green power. I’m going to push the friendship here and ask you to select 100 per cent green power, too. On my bill, that’s around $16 extra per quarter, which I easily offset by using electricity cleverly. Demand creates supply, so let’s ask our power companies to lead where our politicians can’t.

Thank you for this opportunity

al gore climate reality

Before I sign off, I want to acknowledge the people who made it possible for me to attend the Climate Reality Leadership Corps training. Thank you to Stephanie, Romi, Erica-Louise, Carolyn, Susan, Leanne, Jon, Al, Heather, Rebecca, Eliza, Jenny, Bek, Christina, Jemma, Jonathan, Lou, Sonia and those who wish to remain anonymous. I am truly grateful for your support and commitment to the cause.

I’d also like to thank Australian Ethical for supporting me in communicating the realities of climate change. It’s no coincidence that the only super company in Australia that doesn’t invest in fossil fuels jumped on board to help!

Got a question on climate change? I’d love to share the knowledge I’ve gained!


  1. Anna says

    I really enjoyed this – thank you and can’t wait to hear more. It feels like such a make or break time right now so I am really interested to hear other ideas. I never thought about super! :)

  2. Penny says

    I’m looking into Australian Ethical now. I had no idea where our Super went! Dodgy!

    I’m really looking forward to reading more!

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