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Are you partaking in Plastic-Free July? This should help!

Today I want to introduce you to a fabulous Aussie brand that will help you use less plastic, pack waste-free lunches and store food in a healthy, earth-hugging way.

4MyEarth is a range of stylish, reusable (my favourite word!) food covers and wraps, snack pockets, bread bags and produce sacks. Creator Rebecca Hurst was kind enough to send me some seconds to review, which lit up my dials immediately – nothing wasted is something gained! Anyway, that was a few months ago and now I don’t know how I ever lived without them.

In the past, I would loaves of bread in a tea towel (usually a clean one) but without all those preservatives, homemade bread tends to go stale pretty quickly. The 4MyEarth bread bag is so darned handy. It’s made from strong, long-lasting canvas with a zip at the top and I can put bread in there when it’s still warm without affecting the quality.  My bread stays fresher for longer and no one has thrown the last slices of bread into the washing basket since we started using the bag, either. I’ve also put the occasional sliced loaf from the bakery into the bread bag and it lasts way longer than in paper.

My next favourite 4MyEarth products are the sandwich wrap and snack pocket, which are made from the same durable canvas with a degradable thermoplastic coating. I send Alfie off to kindy three times a week with these and they always come back – there’s a tag for his name, which helps. I use the wrap to swaddle corn thins, slices, muffins and sandwiches; into the snack pocket go dried fruit and seeds, cheese slices, bickies if he’s lucky. Rebecca and the 4MyEarth team estimated that a schoolkid could use up to 105 metres of plastic wrap per year in their lunchbox – that’s a whole lot of GladWrap going into landfill!

4 my earth

We haven’t had clingfilm at home for ages, but we do have fifty million plastic boxes that I would love phase out. (I don’t know where half of them came from, I think they breed in the drawer.) Anyway, if the BPA debacle has shown us anything, it’s that plastic is a deeply dubious food storage container. Ceramic, glass and steel are better options, and sticking a food cover over your serving dish beats creating more washing up by transferring food to another container.

The 4MyEarth food covers are great for covering uneaten kids’ dinners, leftover salad or anything that needs to marinate. They are surprisingly stretchy too, we have some huge serving bowls we crack out for parties and the large cover kept the salad fresh and bug-free while we cooked a barbie recently.

I’d like to congratulate Rebecca on her brave business decisions. I mean, business is all about making the biggest profit with the minimum cost, right? There is definitely a place in the market for the 4MyEarth range of products as more people give up on single-use plastics. But rather than filling that gap with something cheap, Rebecca has gone out of her way to source quality materials that cause the least harm to the environment and will last for years. She’s selected an ethical manufacturer, which is always more expensive, and eliminated her customer’s exposure to known toxins such as PVC and phthalates. Pretty awesome, right?

Check out all the funky patterns for kids and grown-ups alike here at one of my favourite affiliate stores.

How do you use less plastic? Share your tips in the comments!



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