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We Aussies are a bunch of fish-n-chip loving, prawn-sizzling, ichthyophiles. But how do you give your family a good fishy feed without contributing to the oceans’ woes?

The Australian Marine Conservation Society has just released the new and updated Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide and it is available as a booklet ($9.95), online, or as a free app for both Apple and Android.

More than 90 common fish and seafood species have been categorised into traffic-light colours, meaning you can quickly (and surreptitiously) whip out your phone, tappy-tap the name of the fish your kids want battered and instantly see whether you can give them the green light. When you have more time, scroll down to see why the seafood has earned its rating and learn more about the very complex issue of seafood sustainability.

Our oceans are under enormous pressure from every angle and over-fishing is one factor we can do without. Already three -quarters of the world’s fish stock is fished to the limit. And it’s not just how many fish there are in the sea, but what else gets scooped up or damaged in the process catching them.

Australian author and patron of the Australian Marine Conservation Society Tim Winton says our current attitude to the ocean is on par with previous generations’ treatment of old-growth forests: use them today as if there is no tomorrow. When you choose a sustainable species of fish over one that’s in danger of disappearing, you help restore balance so mums can feed their kids fish for years to come.

Find out more about Australia’s Suatinable Seafood Guide here.




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