Six eco-friendly activities for kids

eco fun at home

So it turns out that all kids want to do in the school holidays is hang out at home. Who knew? I always thought school hols meant Go-Go-GO! But when I asked my little man what he wanted to do he was quite clear: “I want to stay at home, make a mess, tidy it up, make more mess and then watch TV.”

Nothing says “mess” to me more than craft, but I am still quite new to this whole genre of fun. Thank goodness for the interweb! A quick scout through some of my favourite learning blogs yielded some great activities that required nothing from the shops, got us playing with and talking about nature, upcycling some rubbish and—shhhh, don’t tell the kids—learning something.

First up we downloaded some of the fabulous printables from Mother Natured (TIP: reuse paper that has been printed on one side!) including dinosaur masks for colouring in and this groovy turtle template for our nature collage. Collecting the leaves, flowers, grass and weeds was half the fun, we then glued these down using our Auro eco-craft glue.

Our next indoor activity is so brilliantly simple: making roads and cityscapes for the zillions of toy cars lurking beneath every item of furniture in my house. Be a Fun Mum has a great example here and we have stacks of huge cardboard boxes courtesy of Mr DTEM’s work. We’ll be using chalk to draw our roads and other scenes and probably furnishing them with toys and assorted foliage.

My kids love to paint but not necessarily by putting paintbrush to paper, which is why this activity caught my eye. A quick rifle through the recycling box and we have more than enough bits and pieces to get make some interesting artworks!

I absolutely love the idea of this Musical Spool Table. Jodie is the queen of fun for kids and upcycles everything she can get her hands on. This project may be a bit too ambitious for me for these holidays, but we’re heading to our tip’s treasure market on the weekend and I will be looking for a spool, so watch this space.

Finally, because we never like to miss an opportunity to learn something, I’ve painted up some alphabet rocks to gently encourage Mr pre-Prep to get excited about letters.

Of course there will be lots of outdoor fun too, such as this, which my hubby would call “a great big mess”, our kindy teachers would call “science” and I simply say “who cares? They’re not fighting and they’re using water from the tank”!

eco fun at home


What are you up to these school holidays? Share your ideas and posts in the comments!


  1. Jode@mummymusingsandmayhem says

    Oh such fun!! thanks for including our musical spool…you know you could forget about the spool and just get them to paint some cans then hang on the fence and tap with sticks to make it an easier job ;) I so love that last photo…makes me feel like Summer is coming! Pinning x

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