Organic cotton is better for bubs plus a $300 Purebaby giveaway!

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I’m thrilled to have $300 worth of Purebaby vouchers to give away as I have been a long-term admirer of this Aussie brand and adored the Purebaby Essentials collection when my little people were babies. Even more exciting is the chance to speak with a fellow mum who was not only concerned about the chemicals in baby’s clothes, but did something about it!

Fifteen years ago, Mirabai Winford was on the hunt for pure, beautiful and affordable clothing for her new baby. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for, the 22-year-old created Purebaby with the vision that clothing free from harmful chemicals should be accessible, affordable and stylish too. Today Purebaby is a thriving eco-business that is loved by mums all around Australia and overseas.

What led you to seek out pure clothing for your daughter?

When I was pregnant, I did some reading and discovered that natural fibres were best for babies and children becuase they are so much smaller and don’t have the resistance we adults have to chemicals. I grew up eating organic food and was used to sourcing non-conventional items from tiny shops but I thought “it doesn’t have to be this hard”. I had previously done an exchange in Europe and the organic cotton market over there is miles ahead of Australia. My husband went over to Indoa to source the materials and find factories that could meet our high standards.

Were you surprised to learn what is used in conventional textiles?

I was shocked to discover just how many chemicals are used in to grow and process  conventional cotton.  In that first stage of discovery, I also learned that lots of baby clothing out there contained synthetic fibres, which don’t help regulate baby’s temperature. Cotton is a much better choice, I didn’t understand why you couldn’t have it without the chemicals.

What are some of the harmful chemicals found in clothing?

Some recent cases of harmful chemicals being found in clothing include high levels of formaldehyde being found in clothing in New Zealand, and banned azo dyes found on kids denim and other clothing here in Australia. We test everything we do to make sure our labels are correct (Purebaby is certified by a prestigious European body) and when things like that happen, we double check!

If these chemicals are so harmful, why are the clothes still available in shops?

Many of the chemicals are unregulated, compliance with guidelines is often poor, testing is ineffective. It takes time for awareness to build but we’re certainly seeing this happen with consumers seeking out organic ranges and producers providing garments that are at least partially organic.

In what other ways is organic cotton a better choice?

As well as protecting babies from potentially harmful chemicals, there’s a benefit to the environment. When the cotton is grown organically, there are no sprays going into the river systems and damaging water supplies—usually in developing nations. It’s better for the workers, the farmers and consumers.

Does organic cotton last longer?

Our cotton is hand-picked, which makes the fibres incredibly durable. Cheaper-grade cotton simply doesn’t last as long. When you think about how many times you wash baby clothes, that’s an important consideration. We did some research and found that a large proportion of our customers were first given a Purebaby hand-me-down, which shows they go the distance!

$300 Purebaby giveaway!

Purebaby has kindly offered Down To Earth Mother readers  three prizes of $100 each to be used at the online shop or any one of Purebaby’s eight retail stores: there are six in Melbourne, two in Sydney and our brand-new store here in Brisbane at the Indooroopilly Shopping Centre.

Purebaby clothing ranges  from the tiniest of babies (including premmies) up to size three (size six in PJs).

For your chance to win, be a Down To Earth Mother subscriber and answer this question in the comments below:

Why is organic cotton the best choice for your child?


Is your baby the next Purebaby model?

On the 20th November, Mirabai will be in Brisbane on the hunt for Purebanby’s next top model at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre. Two babies, ages zero to two, will be chosen to model the Winter 2015 range. Prizes include a $1000 Purebaby wardrobe each and a trip to Melbourne for the shoot. Keep an eye on Purebaby’s Facebook page for more information and put the date in your diary!



  1. Amy says

    I love using organic cotton for my babies because I believe organic is the way things should be. The thought of toxic chemicals rubbing on my children’s skin day in day out makes me shudder. The thought of harming the environment to feed our “hunger” for fast fashion also makes me angry. We need to make sure clothing our children, and ourselves, doesn’t mean destroying this earth, our one and only home.
    Some people think organic cotton is only for the rich. To that I’d say: how about we buy less clothes, but spend a bit more for quality item? Why does a baby, and anyone for that matter, need so many clothes anyway? Also I love going to baby and kids market and find second-hand organic clothes. They really do last and last.

    PS: Purebaby is my favourite brand! Top notch quality and so beautifully designed and made too.

  2. sapna says

    Organic cotton is the best choice for my baby because i feel it gives their skin the best start in life ,its free from chemicals that are the main irritants for their soft skin. My son has eczema since birth and organic cotton clothes give him lots of relief and keep him happy.

  3. Melanie Henrikson says

    Organic cotton is an all round winner – avoid exposing my precious baby to harmful chemicals, better for the environment and also looks and feels fantastic.

  4. Michelle says

    What a fantastic giveaway! Organic clothing best for my children because iFree of nasty chemicals, beautiful high quality and durable threads that don’t harm the environment.

  5. Lily Choyce says

    It’s the way nature intended. Organic cotton is is best for our bodies am environment. Buying organic cotton clothing ensures that not only are we voting with our dollars against such things as GMOs and harmful chemicals but also treating our skin, especially the skin and bodies of our precious babies with love and care.

  6. becky sharpe says

    Organic cotton is the best choice for kids because it supports their own bodies growing next to pure cotton goodness, into a world whose natural environment needs more organic agriculture activity to survive well.

  7. Chelsea says

    Wow what a fab giveaway!!! I’m so glad you wrote this post!! I’m now collecting clothes for my baby girl due in January, and I’m so excited to learn of this wonderful brand!!

    Giveaway entry: Organic cotton is the best choice for my baby because clothes made with safe, long-lasting materials are worth the investment for individuals as well as the environment – I’d love to get my kids started with sustainable choices from as early as possible.
    Chelsea recently posted..Organising Your House for a New BabyMy Profile

  8. Caitlin - Mother Down Under says

    Well, this would be excellent timing!

    I too have long admired Purebaby…just a great combo of good for my baby and good for the environment. Plus they have such a large range of cute clothes and accessories.

    I just feel like babies are born so pure and innocent…and the longer we can keep them this way, the better! For me that means organic clothes and are produced in a sustainable manner. And knowing that I can then pass the clothes on so another baby gets the best possible start, that is a bonus!

    And PS if Purebaby reads this, can you please look into organic maternity bras and singlets…it is next to impossible to find attractive ones!

  9. Lorna says

    By choosing organic cotton I can feel happy that I’m not exposing my child to potentially harmful chemicals. I can also feel happy that the cotton farm workers and garment workers are not exposed to these either! I try not to purchase too much new but I know these kind of items will see out more than just our children.
    We have a few lovely Purebaby items belonging to my son that have stood the test of time and held up beautifully with all the wear and tear. With our second child only days away from arriving (this time a summer baby!), we will be looking to add a few necessities for the different size and season.

  10. Kate Lloyd says

    My little girl has such sensitive skin and will easily develop a rash with various synthetic clothing materials. I have to be really selective of clothes I put her in. I expect my new baby will be the same *sigh*. It can be very difficult but Purebaby is always an easy and safe choice for us.

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