Kids’ water bottle review #2: Klean Kanteen sports bottle

Klean Kanteen bottle review

As I said here, I’ve been searching for years for the perfect reusable water bottle for the kids.With the help of the team at online store Reusables Etc, I’ve narrowed it down to five that come pretty close and have been trying them out (well, the kids have anyway!). Today we’re looking at the Klean Kanteen sports bottle, 350ml, which I’ve found to be pretty good for Little Miss Independent.

The Klean Kanteen sports bottle, 350ml, is $19.95 and available here.

Safety: Stainless steel is the safe alternative to plastic or aluminium bottles and Klean Kanteen claim to be the first to produce a BPA-free stainless steel bottle back in 2002 (many stainless steel bottles are lined with a resin, some containing BPA, which is a known hormone disruptor). The spout is medical-grade silicone rather than plastic, which has a lower carbon footprint and is considered safe for those without a silicone allergy (this is rare). The paint used on the coloured bottles is lead-free, of course, and non-toxic.

Useability: As mentioned, my two-and-a-half-year-old was the tester for this bottle. The 350ml is the perfect size for her and she is able to both open the pop-spout and close it, open and close it, open and close it… you get the idea. She loves putting the protective cap on top too and can mange this herself. Fortunately, she’s not able to remove the sports cap completely.
The bottle drinks nicely (I’ve had a few slurps in the interest of a fair review) and there is a little valve that releases air so you don’t get burps and bubbles.

Leakage: Although the product description says this bottle is leak-resistant as opposed to leak-proof, this is the bottle I am most comfortable putting into a handbag or backpack, provided the spout is closed and the cap on.

Endurance: This little bottle feels a lot thicker and sturdier than some of the other stainless steel bottles I’ve bought over the years but the  paint is already a little dinged up after a couple of months of use;  I can see it’s been dropped a lot! The good thing about the Klean Kanteen classic range is that all the lids and larger-volume bottles are interchangeable so the bottle can kind of grow with your kids. Replacement caps are available and there’s a basic screw-top called a loop cap that will suit older kids and grown-ups.

Ease of cleaning: Cleaning is a breeze with a bottle brush as the Klean Kanteen sports bottle has a very wide mouth. The plain bottle can go in the dishwasher, but it’s better to wash the painted ones by hand. The caps are fine in the dishwasher or you can soak them in hot water and bicarb if they get a bit grimy.

Waste: At the end of the bottle’s life, you could take it to the tip and put it with the stainless steel for recycling. Don’t put it in the kerbside recycling as that is only for non-stainless steel!

The verdict: This is a really easy, reliable little bottle. I so love a simple, stainless steel bottle and Klean Kanteen make it sturdy and, in my opinion, pretty much leak-proof. The 350ml is a good size for my two-year-old, but I’d choose a larger bottle for my schoolie.

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Have you used a Klean Kanteen bottle? Would you?

Disclosure: Reusables Etc is an affiliate of Down to Earth Mother and provided the Klean Kanteen water bottle for review.




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