Kids’ water bottle review #3: Foogo Insulated Straw Bottle

Fooogo straw bottle review

Number three on the list of kids’ water bottle reviews is the Foogo leak-proof insulated straw bottle by Thermos. This bottle appealed to me because it can keep water cold on even the hottest days, and I was keen to check out the “leak-proof” claim.

Again, we tested it for safety, usability, leakage, endurance, ease of cleaning and waste, and again Edith (two-and-a-half) was chief testing officer. She tells me this bottle is her favourite, which could be because it is pink or because of the nifty button that makes the cap pop up, I couldn’t make it out through the mouthful of banana cake.

The Foogo insulated straw bottle, 355ml, costs $27.99 and is available here.

Safety: This bottle is made from stainless steel, which is a safer option than plastic as it doesn’t leach chemicals into the water. The straw in the bottle is plastic, as is the base and cap, but all materials used are BPA-free. The mouthpiece part of the straw is made from medical-grade silicone, which is a better choice than plastic.

Useability: It took Edie a couple of days to co-ordinate her pudgy fingers to pop the button that flips open the cap. Older kids would have no problem with the opening mechanism. It’s fun to close the cap as it makes a satisfying click, so she usually remembers to close the bottle too. The straw drinks very nicely, probably the best I’ve ever come across, and the cap comes off easily. The vacuum insulation works great provided you actually put cold water in there in the first place. Otherwise you can pop some ice-cubes in, too.

Leakage: As I said, the phrase “leak-proof” interested me and, sure enough, we’ve had no leaks. Note that the bottle is only leak-proof when the cap is closed, and if it gets bounced around a lot or turned upside-down, there will be some water collected in the cap, which might spill when you open it. You’ve been warned! Also, make sure there’s no chewing of the straw as this could affect leakage.

Endurance: The plastic base is there to improve durability and prevent the blown-out bottom stainless steel bottles tend to end up with after too many bumps. This means the bottle will always stand up, hooray! The cap is sturdy, with strong hinges that don’t look like they’ll come off after a few collisions with the ground. The Foogo bottle comes with a five-year warranty, but this only applies to the steel component. Replacement caps and straws are available, which extends the life of the bottle.

Ease of cleaning: The straw pops out easily from the cap (and goes back in too!) and all can be washed separately in hot soapy water. All parts including the bottle are dishwasher safe, but to extend their life, handwashing is recommended when you read the fine print. I find straws a little freaky, so I use a straw-cleaning brush similar to this one to give it a scrub. The bottle itself is wide-mouthed and easy to clean with a bottle brush.

Waste: The bottle is made from composite materials, plastic and stainless steel, so it’s unlikely it would be accepted by a steel recycling program.

The verdict: I love this bottle for keeping water cool and in the bottle rather than my handbag. I would prefer the entire straw to be silicone and for there to be less plastic involved, but I accept that these materials extend the life of the bottle and make it kid-proof.

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Disclosure: Reusables Etc is an affiliate of Down to Earth Mother and provided the Foogo water bottle for review.

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