Kids’ water bottle review #5: Kid Basix Safe Sporter

Safe Sporter bottle review

Our week of kids’ water bottle reviews closes with a funky little number called the Safe Sporter by Kid Basix. This one caught my eye because of the reinforced base, as we’ve had one stainless steel bottle fall out of the car and get a puncture on the base, and several have had a blow-out that means they no longer stand upright, which then means more tumbles. I also like the sporty look of the bottle! Both kids have had turns with the Safe Sporter and we’ve found it to be a great all-rounder.

The Kid Basix Safe Sporter, 12oz, is available here.

Safety: This bottle is made from stainless steel, which is preferable to plastic as the material is inert, meaning it stays in the same form under normal use, therefore won’t release any chemicals into the water. The grip sleeve and spout is made from a thermo-plastic-rubber mix (TPE or TPR), which does not contain latex (some people are allergic to latex), this is considered to be more durable, resistant to chewing and its free from BPA and phthalates (note: phthalates are used to make plastic softer and more pliable and are known to mess with hormones; TPE is a much better choice). The cap, lid and coaster (base) are all made from polypropylene, aka plastic #5, which is food safe and BPA-free.

Useability: The best thing about this bottle is that it’s super-lightweight. It’s lighter than the Klean Kanteen and weighs far less than the Foogo, Eco Vessel and Lifefactory bottles. It’s single-walled, therefore not insulated, but small enough to fit into an insulated lunch bag. The cap flips open easily and the pop spout can be opened with fingers, but usually gets pulled open with teeth—at least it’s nice and soft thanks to the rubber content of the material. It’s quite a noisy drink with lots of air bubbles, but I haven’t had any complaints from the kids. If anything, they think it’s hilarious. The sleeve makes it really nice to hold and gives it grip when it’s full of cold water and there’s condensation on the bottle. The only thing I find tricky with this bottle is screwing the plastic lid to the steel bottle. Perhaps it’s just me, but I find I need to line it up well and rarely get it right the first time. A minor irritation.

Leakage: Both the spout and the cap snap closed but you do need to push the cap that last little bit to make sure it’s closed properly. We’ve had a couple of leaks where one of the kids hasn’t closed the spout and the cap looks closed, but ain’t. It’s always worth giving the cap a little pat with the palm of your hand before putting it into a bag. If the spout is left open, it will be pushed closed by the cap—so long as it goes all the way, baby. Listen for that click.

Endurance: As mentioned, the coaster, or reinforced plastic base, is a great feature on this bottle. I can already see a mark where it’s been dropped right on the edge of the base. In a steel-only bottle, this would be the beginning of the base going convex (what I call a blow-out). Usually, with these kinds of bottles, the cap is the first thing to break and I will report back on this hopefully a long way down the track. But for now, I’m liking the sturdy hinge. I’ve given the cap a twist and there’s quite a bit of give so fingers crossed it will stay on!

Ease of cleaning: The wide-mouth opening really does make life so much easier when it comes to cleaning the bottle by hand. Be sure to use the bottle brush to go over the thread on the inside of the lid as a bit of gunk has collected there. Also, scrub along the spout in open position. That said, the whole of the Safe Sporter is dishwasher-safe: no need to remove the sleeve, just separate the lid and bottle and put them on the top row.

Waste:  The bottle is made from composite materials, so it’s unlikely it would be accepted into the stainless steel collection at the tip, but it’s worth asking. I would put the broken cap into kerbside recycling, seeing as I know it is made from plastic #5 and that is accepted at my facility (see my tips on how to be a better recycler).

The verdict: I love this lightweight little bottle as it’s great for carrying around on an outing and fits in a lunch bag. I feel that it’s going to last a long time and get plenty of use.

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Disclosure: Reusables Etc is an affiliate of Down to Earth Mother and provided the Safe Sporter water bottle for review.


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