Charity of the month: Take 3 (and save the sea)

Take 3 eco charity

Kicking off a new series on Down To Earth Mother, January’s charity of the month is Take 3. This wonderful organisation is all about cleaning up our oceans by preventing rubbish getting there in the first place.

Take 3 has a beautifully simple message: pick up three bits of rubbish and put them in a bin. Do this at the beach, while walking the dog, outside your house, at the park, waiting for a bus… you get the idea. Just think to yourself, “take 3 for the sea”.

If everyone did this frequently we’d see a massive decrease in injury and death to marine creatures and have healthier oceans. It’s that simple.

The ocean is everyone’s responsibility because, as founder of Take 3 Tim Silverwood likes to say, it’s downhill from everywhere. In other words, all things lead to the ocean. And the ocean is in trouble.

New research has determined there are 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating around out there, most of them microscopic particles that swarm together like midgies at a campsite. Because plastic is oil-based, it attracts other oily pollutants and together they have a big toxic party.

While the bigger pieces of plastic choke seals and turtles, the smaller parts are ingested by fish of all sizes and those toxins are passed on from one fish to the next, all the way up the food chain until we’re actually eating the same plastic we threw away, only with more toxins attached. Think about that next time you see a Maccas cup in a drain…

Although it would take all 7 billion of us picking up 333 pieces of plastic each, twice, to clean up the mess we’ve made (source: Take 3 Facebook page), we can decide whether we let the problem get worse.

Let’s pick it up

Start with the beach or other water source you’ll be enjoying over the school holidays. Every time you go, pick up three pieces of rubbish. Remember, those little bits like bottle caps and plastic fragments are just as dangerous to marine life as a large plastic bag. Straws, lolly-pop sticks, ice-cream wrappers. Put them in the bin.

You only need to do this a few times before it becomes a habit. And here’s where the magic happens: others will do it too. Whether it’s your partner or your parents-in-law, someone is going to ask what you’re doing and be inspired to do the same. Now you’re taking six for the sea, high five! But it doesn’t stop there, Other People will see what you are doing and they just might do it too.

Support Take 3

A friend once told me she sees my face every time she opens the garbage bin, well I see Tim Silverwood’s face every time I spy rubbish on the ground. Tim and his small but wonderful team are out there campaigning for cleaner oceans every day. They’re on the net, on TV, giving talks and presentations and spreading their simple message: take three for the sea.

As January’s charity of the month, Take 3 will receive 10% of all revenue earned on this website (advertising, affiliate sales, sponsorships etc). You can help support the work of this registered charity in the following ways:

Do you Take 3 for the sea? Will you help defend our oceans?



  1. Meg says

    My 8year old has seen this and he’s right onto it but his thought is, “Why stop at 3?” He takes a bag every day when we walk the dog and collects every tiny piece of rubbish he sees. It surprises him how much litter there is just in the area where we live which has a little creek flowing through it.

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