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win a menstrual cupIf you’re curious to try a menstrual cup then this is the perfect opportunity to take the leap into reusable menstrual products: we have four Australian-made JuJu cups to give away!

Reading this amazing article about how menstrual cups are changing lives for women in east Africa reminded me a) how privileged I am to have choices and b) how happy I am using a menstrual cup after making the switch to a JuJu a year ago. It also made me wonder why more women aren’t embracing reusable menstrual cups. After hitting up friends and family, I learned that most people love the idea in principle but haven’t tried them because they’ve never heard of them, haven’t found them in the “feminine hygiene” aisle, are worried they won’t work or simply can’t get their head around the concept of catching their menstrual blood and then tipping it down the toilet.

I’ll be completely honest with you, using a menstrual cup has not changed my life. Periods have never been a more than a hassle for me. Personally, I love my JuJu cup because it eliminates a significant volume of toxic chemicals from a very permeable part of my body and cuts out a small mountain of plastic packaging, pesticide-intense cotton, bleached rayon and other plastics from my personal waste stream.

But other people simply rave about switching to a menstrual cup. And I mean rave. Some say it improves their period pain, others find it gives them the freedom to get out and live life, others lament that they didn’t know about them during puberty.

What the heck is a menstrual cup?

Okay, so what we’re talking about here is a soft silicone cup (think tall wine glass without a stem) that you insert low into your vagina (yep I just said vagina) to collect, rather than absorb menstrual blood. You fold it to get it in there, then it pops open, forming a seal. When properly inserted there should be no leaks and you shouldn’t feel it at all. To remove, you pinch and pull, using the short stem and bearing down a little.

For many women who’ve had babies, the whole downstairs department is no longer mysterious and sexual, it’s just another hard-working part of the female anatomy. But I recognise that for many women, with or without the pregnancy/birth experience, poking around one’s vagina is not their idea of a good time. Let me assure you: once you’ve got the hang of a menstrual cup it is no more finicky than using a tampon. If you’re weirded out by the whole cup of blood aspect (it’s a very small amount even at its heaviest), fair enough. But you just tip it in the loo and it’s gone out of your life minus the wad of cotton and attached chemicals destined for landfill or the waterways. If you’re out or at work and need to change it, you can wipe it clean with loo paper and reinsert, otherwise you give it a quick rinse with water in the sink.

Five reasons to try a JuJu cup

  1. Conventional pads and tampons can contain small amounts of dangerous chemicals, including phthalates and dioxins, which are a by-product from bleaching. The mucous membrane of the vagina is far more absorbent than the mouth, studies have suggested 40 to 80 times more depending on the substance.
  2. Cotton is one of the most pesticide-intense crops, with five of the typical chemicals used listed as carcinogenic (cancer-causing).
  3. Used tampons (even the organic, non-bleached kind) encased in a plastic bag will not break down in landfill, they will just sit there for decades. And you think menstrual cups are gross…
  4. You can wear a menstrual cup overnight and for up to 12 hours. (During the first days of your period, you will want to empty your cup more frequently, say, every six hours but after that it can stay in for up to 12 hours. This means you can usually change it in your own home or at least predict where you’ll be when you need to change.)
  5. You’ll save a load of money. A 32-pack of tampons costs around $7 and the JuJu cup costs only $55 and lasts up to ten years.

Still not convinced? Read Bekka Joy’s blow-by-blow review of a JuJu cup here. Or this article on Healthy Child Healthy World. Or the FAQs section on the JuJu website.  Better still, win a JuJu cup and try it for yourself!

JuJu Menstrual Cup Giveaway

The lovely girls at Freedom Products are giving four Down To Earth Mother readers the opportunity to try a JuJu on for size. This is an Australian owned company with sustainable ethics and business practices. JuJu cups come in two sizes: the small is for those who are younger, have not given birth vaginally or have wicked pelvic floor muscles; the larger version is for us old hags who’ve had a couple of sprogs (you know I love you, right?).

To enter the competition, tell us what difference a JuJu cup would make to your life.

* Feel free to use a pseudonym!  ** Sponsored giveaway *** Competition closes January 31 2015, chance plays no part in determining the winner.

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  1. Rosie says

    Only having to prepare myself ONCE in the morning before starting the day would be AWESOME. I haven’t had many periods since having my three boys (14 months – 4.5yrs), but I am not looking forward to the husband going back to work Monday and then when I disappear to the toilet three little curious boys enter and start asking what the hel# am I doing and a thousand other questions including why why why??? Not sure how to explain that one. Having a menstrual cup could save me all the time I don’t have and all the questions that come along with it every month (who wouldn’t kill for a few less of those ;)), not to mention the money it will save and the extra space in my bin/the local tip :). Yippee, sounds terrific! What a fabulous invention.

  2. Marissa says

    It’s been a (very, very, very!!!) long time since I had a period. I’ve had only one since conceiving my first child and I now have 3 (one who is about to start school)! I am terrified at the thought of my period returning and have been considering buying a cup but am worried I’ll jinx myself. Having a cup would make me a little less scared about the imminent recommencement of my cycle (and hopefully mean I never need to buy pads or tampons again!)

  3. Kate says


    Super excited to try one of these, the difference it would make… Well, I have caught my son chewing on a new tampon before, although it was hilarious removing these choking hazards from my home would be great! Also love the sustainability

  4. Kimberley Monti says

    After hearing so many positive comments about menstrual cups I am keen to try one.
    I think being able to eliminate chemical baddies, save on household waste and save money would be a life changer, especially as this is a monthly occurance for the next ?? Years.

  5. Kiki says

    after 4 babies I’m really looking forward to learning how to use a cup, previously I’ve only used tampons and pads and think that a cup is just the best thing since sliced bread. No TSS to worry about, environmentally friendly and awesome to boot!

  6. Kizzawizza says

    Interested to try this out. Happy to save money and the environment. Wont have to worry about clogging the toilet as well!

  7. Jess says

    Sounds like a great product (albeit a little daunting)… The positives for the environment, the wallet, convenience and freedom seem too good to be true, but definitely keen to give it a try! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  8. Mel J says

    I meant to try one of these prior to falling pregnant with mr8 months. I’ve always been very uneasy about tampons, and they discontinued the ones I used (evil global corporation grrrr). So I was left with the trauma of trialling different ones again at considerable inconvenience and expense, or wearing pads which make me feel awful and leper-like. I used pads for a couple of months while in limbo between losing our angel and falling with our little rainbow guy. So what this cup would make such a difference in how I will feel when my cycle returns (likely soon as it returned at 9months post birth with my daughter). I’ve been dreading the return (as we mostly do) in large part due to having to return to pads. Yuck. Just want to feel comfortable and confident!

  9. Tegan says

    The juju cup would change my life because I wouldn’t need to go down the shop with a maturnity pad on cause mr 8 or miss 6 have wanted to see what are in the pretty coloured bullets oh and it would stop the embarrassment of having pads stuck on the vanity unit, again mr 8 or miss 6, and only realise after the visitors have left ans yes they used the bathroom. Oh and I still not sure who it was. Thanks for this opportunity have looked at mentrual cups before but never took the plunge.

  10. kylie turuva says

    I would love to have another go
    I tried one a few years ago and once I got hang on it was great but then I don’t know what happened it stopped
    working for me- after having 2kids
    my body just not like it used to be and I’ve had my tubes tied now
    so would really love to try this again as pads are irritating for me and I don’t feel safe wearing tampons when I want to go swimming or beach

  11. Doreen says

    I want to stop adding to landfill every month. Periods are difficult – painful, exhausting. I want something about them to feel good! It would make a difference to my state of mind.

  12. Yorkiecami says

    I would love to try a JuJu cup! I’d love to experience the freedom of not having to worry about leaks; of being able to go about my life like any other day of the month; of experiencing only the easy, breezy, positive side of my period. And having on top of that the benefit of being environmentally friendly and free of toxic chemicals? … Cherry on the cake! What a wonderful example to give to my little girls!

  13. Kelly says

    I think this would help me to have a more positive attitude towards my body, and the environment. An attitude I could then pass on to my daughter, with better options for the earth and our pockets. Thanks for the chance.
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  14. Sarah says

    Jo! You could have picked an easier one for me to kick off my new year goal! Ha ha but willing to give it a go :) x

  15. Mel says

    What a fantastic initiative.
    Having your period is already annoying, inconvenient, potentially messy, uncomfortable and embarrassing.

    Having a Juju cup will make life easier, more comfortable, convenient and being that it is user-friendly, it will make that time of the month just a little more manageable.

    To top it off, it saves the environment, saves money, time, energy, effort and the stress of not having your tampons/pads with you!!

    The Juju cup will also be something I will be recommending to all my friends and family….. :D

  16. Jess chia says

    cost to my back pocket and the environment. and let’s not talk about how gross having a big soggy pad is in between your legs, the stained bed sheets and the “period undies”

  17. emma okeefe says

    I’m wanting to try one because I want to eliminate chemicals as I do with other life style factors such as not eating pre packaged food but I’m seriously grossed out by the idea of this! Every month when I opt back to my chemical laden pads I think do I don’t i do I don’t i – maybe this is my chance for my do I to be a “I do!”

  18. Eliza says

    The bathroom is one of the last places we continue to produce a lot of waste. If we really want to make a decent attempt at zero waste I need one of these! (And it’d be so hard to source one secondhand *wink*).

  19. Janine says

    I haven’t used tampons for about 5 years due to irritation and for this reason I only swim 3 weeks each month.
    I was excited to read that the JuJu menstrual cup can be used successfully whilst swimming – this sounds great to me as I’d love to swim every week.

  20. Tammy says

    I have been wanting to try a Ju Ju cup for a while now, but just haven’t gotten my courage up yet – silly I know :) One of the differences I am hoping it will make in my life is to open the minds of my daughters to options other than those fed to us through consumerism… so wish my eyes had been opened much earlier (I first heard of menstrual cups last year!)- but will be happier if my daughters walk more gentler on our earth because of my belated journey :)

  21. Jen S says

    What an interesting concept, would really love to try the JuJu. The thought of all of those nasty bleaching agents, chemicals and pesticides being absorbed by my body each time Aunt Flo comes to visit is a scary thought, especially as being on Implanon means she often stays for a good fortnight or more and then the rude bugger invites herself back just 2 weeks later! Using one would help me reduce a considerable amount of household waste, to keep our planet beautiful and save me a bucketload of money too, making them a total win-win-win situation. :)

    Googled to see if they can be used while swimming and they can – more winning! This would make a huge change to my life as I absolutely love going swimming with my three young kids as often as possible but I’m literally petrified of using tampons…

    In Year 8 was sitting in Science class when the Principal came to the door and called me out, he told me my mum had been rushed to hospital. She has Multiple Sclerosis so I assumed she’d maybe had a fall or MS attack. But turns out she’d gotten Toxic Shock Syndrome from tampons and it was nearly fatal for her! Thankfully she recovered but was an extremely scary situation for our family to say the least, has definitely put me off using them altogether.

    Would also be great when it comes to that totes awkward talk time with my two daughters, being knowledgeable about another option to offer them would be very helpful!

  22. Rebecca Rose says

    To me being eco–friendly and living in the most natural way is very important, so using a product with zero chemicals is very important to me. I also would love to have more time since cups don’t need to be changed as much.

  23. Laura says

    I have been considering trying these as my not so lovely monthly friend comes every 2 weeks and stays for 2 weeks. I try to buy organic pads and tampons when I can but really can’t afford to do this all the time. I need to try something different in just so scared to try this!

  24. Debs says

    It would make a real difference in how I feel during that time of the month and I might even be inclined not to skip pilates for that week! I’ll admit that I’m a little freaked out about it still but the more I read, the more it makes sense. I guess the only way to really find out is to try it myself.

  25. Danya says

    Oh I’ve been so curious about these since I first read Bekka’s review. I’ve been gradually trying to ‘green’ our life one manageable step at a time. I think this is one area where I could make a small & easy change, that can make a difference to the environment within our existing lifestyle. Plus the cost savings would help too. :)
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  26. Kylie says

    Wow I have just read this article and they sound very interesting! I find that I am having to use both a tampon and a sanitary pad at the same time as a tampon is not enough in the first few days. I would be interested to see how the JuJu cup goes.

  27. Chloe says

    I think being provided with the opportunity to try a JuJu cup would change my life in many ways. Firstly I have been on a journey for a while to try and live in a way that is as kind to the environment and as ‘low tox’ as possible. Using a cup would be a great first step in finding a way to be as sustainable and healthy as possible when it comes to ‘that time of the month’. I also love that it might make periods shorter and less painful. It sounds fantastic! The fact that the JuJu cup is reusable is also great, and is a wonderful step towards women being able to function independently and not have the need to consume single-use pads/tampons every month.

  28. Kirstie says

    I actually have a JuJu Cup & yes it has changed my life, it’s great being out & about or at work & not having to worry about heading to the toilet regularly, which can sometimes be awkward especially as friends houses, now I don’t have to worry about it, from the time I leave home to the time I get home I’m covered thanks to my ever reliable juju cup. I have told a few friends about it & they are interested but not quite sure about it , so if I was to win it would be given to one of my friends to use, fall in love with, save the environment & also their own bodies from those toxic chemicals in other sanitary products.

  29. Daaniah says

    For the last eight years I’ve been travelling around the world. Not every country I’ve been to had the proper period products I needed for my period. There were times when I found myself completely lost with what I had to do. It also meant I was shipping period products from Australia just so I was comfortable when I got my period. As I’m still traveling I find my self with this problem of whether I’ll find my preferred period product in the country. the JuJu cup will allow me the freedom of not worrying as well as save money and of course help the environment.

  30. Jean King says

    I would like to win the Juju cup for my eldest daughter who suffers from very heavy, painful periods. Myself, I am menopausal, but I can recall ‘losing’ my diaphragm many years ago. When my period came I ‘found’ it, still in place! But by then had also discovered how useful it was in holding back the menstrual flow. A product tailor made for that purpose just sounds fabulous.

  31. Nic says

    After the birth of my son, the menstrual cup I was using prior no longer suits me. I’m having a real struggle trying to find the right size/brand combo, and I am yet to try a JuJu Cup and would LOVE to!

  32. Ros says

    I have been wanting to try menstrual cups for ages but never taken the leap and this is my chance! Pads and tampons irritate my skin especially on hot days. And the fact I don’t have to dispose of unenvironmental pads and tampons is such a great plus. I can’t wait to try one of these!

  33. Vicki says

    I have heard amazing things about menstrual cups and have always wanted to try one. I live in a small rural area where there is nothing like this available and the products on the market are not environmentally friendly and are over packaged. JuJu looks like an amazing,ethical company and the testimonials speak volumes. Thanks for the opportunity to try one :)

  34. Paula says

    These sound fabulous!! Since getting my period back after having 3 kids, my period is really heavy and I have trouble with leakage (sorry if it’s TMI!) so I’m using tampons and pads and changing regularly. And I can’t stand that! The recommendation I had from the gyno was to have an endometrial ablation – where they burn the lining of the uterus away so although you still hormonally have a period you don’t actually bleed. I DO NOT want to do that! I feel like my body has been through enough! So I would definitely like to try the JuJu cups to see if they may help.

  35. Paula says

    I would LOVE to try a juju cup! My period is very heavy after carrying and birthing my 3 kids, heavy with leakage and I go through too many products each month! The gyno recommended an endometrial ablation to help – that’s burning the lining of the uterus off so that although you hormonally get your period you don’t bleed each month. I DO NOT want to do that! Cross fingers that a menstrual cup solves my issues!

  36. Angela says

    It is awesome to see how many people are keen to try! Buying a JuJu cup is on my list of things to do, so I am so glad that you have written this post. I would love to win one as after 3 kids my periods are heavy and uncomfortable. After reading the reviews I know I should have bought one ages ago as I go through heaps of pads each month. Thanks SO much for sharing the info!

  37. Michelle says

    wow ! such a clever and healthier option ! I always feel uncomfortable at that time of month whether it be using tampons or pads. This sounds more comfortable. Comfort factor would be a huge change plus there would be no tampons or pads to dispose and clog landfill . Minimal wastage would be a big change too. Would love to try this product. Well done crew for branding this little product :)

  38. Lou says

    I love the fact that while this would save ME money and contribute to less household waste, it could also change someone else’s life for the better in Africa – everyone wins!

  39. Julia says

    I have one and love it, so I would love to win one for my little sister who balks at the price, but is intrigued by them. It would make her life easier and mean less hassle for her :-)

  40. Verity says

    As a Mum of 5 (4 girls) I am SUPER conscious of what we buy, use and throw away (which isn’t much…even as a teenager I was called a “hippy”). I have been long considering a menstrual cup and/or washable pads, as I only purchase TOM organic pads/tampons for us all to use (myself and 2 teenage daughters) and find it a big part of our budget. After using cloth nappies for all 5 bubs, I found washable pads not an issue BUT my 2 girls were mortified at the thought!!! Hahaha! SOOOO I started researching menstrual cups and was impressed! I just haven’t got around to purchasing one as there were quite a few choices and I couldn’t decide! I would be extremely grateful to win one as I am sure the JuJu Menstrual Cups are the best ;) and Freedom Products sounds right up my alley :) Peace, Love and JuJu Menstrual Cups!

  41. Lisa says

    I would really like to try one of these!! Have been curious for ages. I have a teenage daughter and a little girl so there will be a lot of disposable sanitary products being purchased in our house over the next 15 years – and I buy organic and they are exxy! These sound awesome.

  42. Emma says

    I’ve recently found out about menstrual cups and excitedly purchased one form my health food store…. Unfortunately it feels awful, really uncomfortable and it leaks :( I do not want to be put off by them completely but I also don’t want to have to spend a fortune trying every brand on the market.
    I’ve stumbled across the brand JuJu and so maybe the universe has sent me to where I need to be.
    Regards from a conscious dog loving contortionist.

  43. Lisa Graham says

    I’m interested to see if it would make a difference to my cramps :) although I am a bit apprehensive to use one, but I think this would be a good opportunity to try.

  44. Boo says

    FREEDOM!!! Freedom to be who I want.
    Having a menstrual cup would mean no more discomfort and no more feeling prisoner by my own body. Menstrual cups provide freedom!

  45. Jennie says

    Using a menstrual cup would make such a difference to my life at the moment. I am 18 and living with M.E/CFS, and have been for the last year. I spend a lot of time very ill and in bed and hate the feeling of using pads while in bed for a long time. I am also unable to work at the moment so buying a cup would be a big financial strain. I would love to be able to stop using horrible disposables as reusables sound awesome!

  46. Trisha says

    I am a busy Australian mum of 4. Having the opportunity to try a Juju cup I think would significantly ease the hassles associated with my monthly cycle. I just had to cancel a pool play-date for my little people because I got my period and I find tampons too drying which makes me uncomfortable (unfortunately our local pool rules are that parents must be in the water with children under 10 years of age, very disappointed kiddies). I know during this time of the month I feel better when I exercise, but it’s a catch 22 situation because I’m always concious of a potential leaking issue.

  47. Shannon Rose says

    I have always had major issues while using tampons and pads, from regular discomfort to some pretty significant infections. I dread my periods because every tampon brand I have ever used produces an intense itching sensation inside my vagina and a general discomfort. Pads cause issues as well, such as redness on the outside of my vagina and inner thighs, sweating, slight swelling and itching, not to mention the mess! I have had countless UTIs after periods, and two infections bad enough to have to go to my Gynecologist and receive medication for the smell, discharge and discomfort. I am sick and tired of hating my period and being in fear of yet another infection. I have heard so much about these menstrual cups and would be absolutely thrilled to try one! It would be such a blessing to rid my month of all the itch, mess and discomfort pads and tampons produce! Not to mention the environmental factor! Always so proud to prevent as much waste as possible. I’ve heard great things about Juju and would love to give it a try!

  48. Deb Hurn says

    We have a sponsor child in Kenya who is now about 14 years old. I would like to send her a menstrual cup. I think it will be the most useful gift we could give her.

  49. Deb Hurn says

    We have a sponsor child in Kenya who is now about 14 years old. I think a menstrual cup would be the most useful gift we could give her.

  50. Krista says

    OK so I have been contemplating, contemplating, contemplating. I bought a vaginal cup years ago after a classmate told me about it. I am sure as she told me my facial expression must have resembled that of the proverbial sheep in headlights. I bought one and tried and tried. Nothing doing. I read a couple years after my “try” about how vaginal cups were changing girls lives in Africa. Who would have thought I would be going to Africa years later. I will be going this summer on a trip with colleagues to an African country where trafficking and poverty is high. I would like to have a “re-try” with the cup so that I can then introduce the idea on my trip to give more women and girls a chance to be empowered but first I would like to know how so I can then educate. Thank you for this site and for what you are doing to empower the sisterhood! Blessings!

  51. Alice says

    I am super keen to start using menstrual cups! I love how thy are sustainable and therefore great for the environment so it will make me feel like I am doing something not just for me. But more importantly i truly believe that the JuJu cup would change my life, i suffer from the worst period cramps in the entire world I swear and am in constant fear that I would be leaking everywhere and wouldn’t dare to swim or do any activity. I would absolutely love the change to win this. Thank you!

  52. Emily Bright Hughes says

    I have been researching menstrual cups for a month now as I am on a journey to eliminate the use of toxic chemicals from my health and beauty routine and any other way I can eliminate them from my day-to-day life, as well as decrease waste and help the environment. JuJu cups are highly recommended on many blogs and other reviews I have read. I would love the opportunity to try a JuJu cup in hopes that it will truly change my experience when Aunt Flo comes for her monthly visit. I am quite impressed with the company’s mission and ethics as well.

  53. Ashlyn B. says

    I just started using a menstrual cup last year. I love that you can use it for 12 hours! It will be wonderful for long days student teaching this semester…who has time for bathroom breaks?!

  54. Chandra says

    I have always had issues with pads and tampons. Tampons are uncomfortable and always leak so I have to combine them with pads. I leak forwards or backwards unpredictably, so I have to wear overnight pads during the day! Overnight pads are super expensive and uncomfortable, and I hate the waste it generates. Often I have to change the pad before it’s fully soiled when not using a tampon because the pad will start to fray and stick to me and give me uncomfortable rashes and wedgies! It’s really uncomfortable and annoying and makes me feel so down during my period. I don’t even want to move. I really hate the waste from disposable products, it seems so pointless and avoidable. I feel like having something I could re-use that would be better for me as well as the environment would make me happy just knowing that fact.

  55. Carol says

    I’d love to give a menstrual cup to my daughter…she’s at the start of this fabulous (joking!) journey of womanhood. I’m at the end and really cheesed off that this natural, simple option wasn’t available to women before. Time to be kind to our bodies and the environment. Wonderful product!

  56. Pauline says

    Spent the day with a friend that was using one the other day, she raved about it and never went to change once. I always worry at work as I’m often so busy I don’t get to the toilet and with running around with kids after school. I would love to take away the worry of leaving the tampon in too long.

  57. Ash says

    Juju will let me go to places without worrying if their is a bathroom near by to change my pad, in other words…FREEDOM!!! :)

  58. K for Kelsey says

    I really want to try out a menstrual cup to see if it would help me manage my heavy periods or at least help reduce tampon/pad waste on my lighter days. Cups generally seem to hold more than tampons, so I won’t be rushing to the bathroom or suffering leaks quite as often.

  59. Crystal Brown says

    My life would he changed if I won this cup because it would be another way for me to save the planet and myself from toxic chemicals and waste. I already use cloth diapers on my daughter and I love how she isnt exposed to chemical and we are doing our part to save the planet. I want to do the same with my body. Thanks for the chance to win

  60. SJ says

    I’ve only just heard about the existence of menstrual cups and the Juju sounds perfect for me. I suffer from menorrhagia and am often housebound during my period due to the sheer volume of blood loss. I currently use pads which are uncomfortable, messy and unreliable. The environmental impact also concerns me. Would love to try this product, but the initial outlay is too much for my very tight family budget at this time.

  61. emma says

    Since having my baby tampons just do not sit the way they use too. And I hate hate pads so trying a cup has come to mind and will bring my confidence back after 1 year of battling tampons and the feeling of people seeing your pad through clothes would really boost my self confidence and allow me to get my active life back on track :)

  62. Andrea says

    I love using cloth nappies on my babies so it only makes sense you use a reuseable product for myself! My sister has a Juju and loves it! I’d like to have a go, while also supporting an Aussie business.

  63. Anna Wallace says

    I would love one because making my own mcp (modern cloth pads) is taking me years. Im wanting a juju because iv just given birth naturally and hear they are the best for this time or season in my life.

  64. Jade says

    I have always been curious to try but have always backed out.. I love the fact it is reusable and cost effective in the long term. Also, no nasty chemicals entering my body is always top of my list. Thank you

  65. Rebecca says

    I am not a creative writer not am I able to move people to raw emotion with my words, so I guess I will just be honest. I believe in Chaos theory, better known as the butterfly effect… One small change can have a ripple effect on a larger scale, and I guess that using, endorsing and promoting the Juju cup would make me a part of this theory.

  66. Cassie says

    This is something that I really need to just take the plunge and do! There is not one single thing I feel remotely at ease about during my period. The waste (which I work hard to reduce in every other aspect of our household bar this one), the pain and discomfort (especially worse right now when I’m breastfeeding my 7 mo – UGH – it’s like post-birth cramping every freakin time), the stickiness, the chemicals, and the way all of these things impact on my state of mind and levels of motivation for far too long a chunk of every month. I think when I DO master a Juju cup (which I will!!) it will impact on so much more than just what happens down there for me! I’m looking forward to a bit more mental freedom around my period, so I stop turning into a raging, plastic bummed, uncomfortable and short-tempered mother/wife/self!!

  67. Sandra says

    No more keeping my back to the wall, just in case of leakage. Better sleep would come my way, not stressing about messing up the sheets or needing to change pads half way through the night. I could wear white pants again. I want to reclaim the 1/4 of my life that is spent worrying about my period. Definitely a life changer!

  68. Susan says

    I would love to try this but with our family budget so tight it’s hard to find the $ to buy right now. I love the idea of helping the environment while saving $ and with a product that is better for my body!

  69. Carly W says

    Sleep! I love the fact that I could wear this all night! No more bulky pads, sleeping on my side .. worrying about leakage!

    Also … the environmental factor .. that is a huge factor for me!

    Thank you for the chance to change my impact on the environment.

  70. Judith says

    Hi there :)
    I would be so happy to win one of the cups, because I really like the idea of using them. Expecially for dancing it would be great because we are not allowed to wear panties on stage and during class only when you can not see it through the leotard. Since even the tiniest tampon that I could possibly get really hurts me, I was always hoping I would not get my period when we had a performance.
    And when I actually learned about the chemicals, TSS and that there are actally potential risks for my future children, I was really scared that I could find myself in a situation where I had to wear one again (for a ballet performance there would be no other option).
    So I got a cup and it just did not work at all for me. So I decided to wear cloth pads but for dancing this does still not work.
    I did a lot of research and with the experience I made, I found the Juju Cup would work for me and I wanted to give it an other try.
    So I wanted to buy one, but I they do not offer Paypal and I actually do not know anyone that could get it for me because of their payment methods.
    So the Juju Cup would change my life through taking away the fear of getting my period at bad times.
    Please excuse grammar or spelling mistakes, I did my best avoid them but I am German so there may be some left.

  71. LaurenS says

    I have a menstrual cup and I love using it, but I would love to give this to my friend who is about to have a birthday. So it wouldn’t change my life, but I might be able to change hers.

  72. CristaE says

    I have never tired a menstrual cup and have been wondering about them for about for a while now. I did a lot of resurch and came to the conclusion that I really want the Juju cup. Have a great day!

  73. Jennifer Z says

    Having a JuJu cup will change my life by making it more positive, natural, and just overall better. Periods are a part of my life and I have come to accept the monthly bleeding and pain that comes. But I’ve also learned how bad disposable pads and tampons are. A JuJu cup is just the opposite of pads and tampons. JuJu cup is a natural product that I will gladly use during my period. Juju cup has so many positive aspects, and each reason will influence my life for the better.

  74. Angie says

    Coming into my mid-twenties, my body is still changing and I’ve found recently that tampons are getting uncomfortable due to drying out my hoohaa, so I’ve been avoiding tampons as much as possible. It seems like the JuJu cup would help as it won’t absorb my natural lubricants, but still do everything it needs to, so I can go swimming again AND have a happy hoohaa!

  75. Liv says

    Once a month I have a dilemma to face
    That seems impossible to solve with grace.
    Pads or tampons? That age-old riddle,
    And I find myself caught in the middle.
    Pads are like diapers and the concept seems grotty
    But at the same time I hate putting tampons in my body.
    And whichever way I end up going,
    I know that my carbon footprint is growing.
    So save my sanity, my wallet, and the environment too,
    Please give me a JuJu?

  76. Dianne Groves says

    Damn ,I have done a lot of reading over the last few weeks about menstrual cups and read nothing but positive reviews, I just discovered your website and just discovered I’ve missed out on a competition. I would of entered this if I discovered it earlier. At present I am unemployed. It could of saved me some money. I will keep looking on your website. Regards Dianne.

  77. Cath says

    Trying this product would give me freedom from pads and tampons for the very first time since I was 11 years old.

    I will sing your praises to all if this is as great as you claim it to be. Facebook, Twitter, telling every girl I meet, however I can help spread the word I will.

    Help me to help more women discover freedom from over priced sanitary products.



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