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This month DTEM is supporting the Lock The Gate Alliance, a coalition of more than 230 groups, representing farmers, conservationists, traditional custodians and people just like you and me. It’s The People versus Big Oil & Gas but in a peaceful, productive and very effective way. Perhaps you’ve seen the yellow triangles on a fencepost near you? Read on to find out more about this fantastic organisation and the many ways you can support its mission.

Protecting communities from coal-seam gas

Imagine your family is living in an area where there is coal-seam gas. The state government grants a license to a mining company to start drilling. You own the land, but the Crown owns the resources so you don’t get a say in the matter. The mining company has to negotiate access rights with you and offer compensation but let’s just say they don’t exactly have your best interests at heart. Once on your land, the company starts popping drills here and there using up your water supply or worse, contaminating it. They keep saying they will arrange an alternate water supply but are loose on the details. You start to make some noise but they ignore your complaints. You seek legal advice and end up in a protracted legal argy-bargy that detracts from your business and family. Finally, you win some ground. Maybe you even get them off your property. But you’re left with the mess to clean up.

Pretty crappy scenario, isn’t it? But it’s happening all across Queensland and NSW and, as Australia aims to expand CSG exports, it could be happening in some of our most precious areas including Arnhem Land.

Lock The Gate helps landowners understand their rights and options, and empowers communities to stand up to the mining companies that want to get under their land, starting by simply locking their gates.

Lock The Gate campaigns relentlessly against “inappropriate mining” to protect water supplies, agricultural land, bushlands, wetlands and wildlife, Aboriginal heritage and the health of people living near these resources. I recommend you watch a few of these short videos to get an idea of the impact of coal-seam gas mining on people and the environment.

To read more about coal-seam gas and fracking in Australia click here.

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Support Lock The Gate

As February’s charity of the month, Lock The Gate will receive 10% of all revenue earned on this website (advertising, affiliate sales, sponsorships etc). You can help support the work of this registered charity in the following ways:

Does coal-seam gas concern or affect you? Share your story below!

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