Eco friendly school fundraising ideas

eco friendly school fundraising ideas

Hands up who hates chocolate drives? Me too. There is no way I am letting a big box of individually-wrapped, poor quality chocolate into my home. Why? Because I’m the mum who sends $50 into the school then eats the whole damned box. I eat it to stop the kids badgering me but mostly I just eat is cos it’s there. And Caramelo Koalas are addictive.

Fundraising doesn’t have to mean peddling junk food or cheesy mementos to your friends and family (although I do loves me mug with my kid’s face on it…). Your school can raise money and contribute to a cleaner, greener planet, with a bit of learning thrown in for good measure.

Here are some eco friendly school fundraising ideas that actually help the earth and won’t make you fat!

TerraCycle Brigades

You know how much I love TerraCycle, the company that recycles the unrecyclable. Well, you can organise a mass-recycling program at your school and earn cash in return. Sign up for “brigades” such Oral Care or Cleaner Packaging, and get the whole school community to bring in their toothpaste tubes, pumps, triggers, coffee capsules and other relevant packaging to earn 2c per item. Simply send the packaging waste for free via Australia Post. I love this campaign and can’t wait to set it up at my kids’ school (I thought I’d wait until we’d been there a term!).

Mobile 4 Charity

This Australian organisation basically buys old mobile phones from schools (and other charities). Your school can either be a public collection point, or you can limit it to the greater school community. Mobile 4 Charity provides collection bins and envelopes, plus plenty of support and examples of how you can communicate about your initiative. Once collected, phones are assessed and valued. The non-working phones will be recycled, while the working handsets are refurbished and go on to a new and happy life. It’s believed there are millions of unused mobiles lurking in drawers, so the potential for earnings is high. Obviously, the more “young” phones you can attract the better, as these have a higher value (up to $50).

Sow. Let’s Grow Together by Planet Eco

Planet Eco makes gorgeous gardening kits and offers a generous 30% commission for fundraisers. Students and parents can choose from Veggie, Flower, Herb or Tea Patch Kits, which start from $19.95, plus accessories – a paper pot maker, plant press, bottle-top waterer and bamboo plant tags. The fundraising website has heaps of helpful information and tools, such as templates for promoting your fundraising campaign and tips on making it rock.

Reusables Etc for Schools

Online store, Reusables Etc offers 10% commission on sales made via a registered fundraising campaign. After registering your school, parents can shop for lunchboxes, water bottles and anything else from the huge range of reusable products, then simply enter the promotional code at checkout. Reusables Etc provides a great range of digital resources to be used in emails or on your school’s website and the campaign can be ongoing. Commission is paid directly to the school quarterly; there are no forms to fill out or payments to chase!


Certified organic health and beauty company MiEssence provides your school with a dedicated website where people can order moisturisers, deodorants, make-up and much more directly. Again, this is a super easy set-up as you don’t have to collect forms, distribute products or any of that malarky, you simply need to share the website and encourage people to spend up big. MiEssence offers 30% commission and free delivery for individual orders over $100.

4 My Earth

This small Aussie business makes super-cool sandwich wraps, lunch bags, food covers and other reusable items designed to eliminate plastic from lunchboxes and in the kitchen. They’re so handy and actually save you money so they are an easy sell! 4 My Earth provides order forms and packages individual orders (shipping is free if the total order is more than $500). There’s a great commission of 35% and, where possible, 4 My Earth can attend your school fete so parents can see the quality of the goods.


This is a quirky product to sell as a fundraiser but the great advantage is that it’s something every home can use and it will help them save money. The EcoSwitch allows you to easily turn off a bunch of appliances so they no longer draw power in standby mode, which can cut the average home electricity bill by 10%. EcoSwitch provides schools with a 30-day account and between 48 and 53% commission depending on how many units you buy. Lots of support and marketing material to help you sell the product.

Fair-Trade Fundraising

A new, family-owned business helping you contribute to both your school and the community in which the products you sell were made. Stock your Mother’s Day stall with beautiful fair-trade gifts from Africa, India and Bangladesh,  invite parents to buy ethically-produced Christmas crackers, or be bold and try soap nuts. Margins are great (up to 50%) and choosing fair-trade opens up the conversation about equitable consumerism.

For a heap of  healthy fundraising ideas, check out Natural New Age Mum’s fabulous posts, Healthy Fundraisers and More Healthy Fundraisers!

Does your school run any earth-friendly fundraisers? Share your ideas in the comments!


  1. Jill says

    Thanks for sharing all these ideas! I’ve just helped set up Terracycle at my daughter’s school – such an awesome company. I’m also busy sewing with old clothes from last year’s school carnival to make things for this year’s! My motivation to find better ways to fundraise actually came from being asked to join in a fundraising chocolate drive! If you’re interested you can see my upcycling progress for the fundraising carnival here:
    Clothes Upcycling Challenge 2015
    Jill recently posted..Amazing cards in Vietnam and CambodiaMy Profile

  2. Sarah says

    This is great! Just had our first PAG last week and the fund raising team are very enthusiastic so definately going to pass these on :)

  3. Debs says

    These are great suggestions! Thanks for sharing! Wishing someone had got the memo as I stare sadly at the $60 box of confectionary currently in my house :( Will have to pass these ideas on.

  4. Kirsten McCulloch says

    Wow, there are som great ideas here Jo, thanks for putting them together. my school doesn’t do chocolate (thank goodness), but it is always great to have some different ideas, so it’s not the same old same old each year.

    Having said that, I also do fundraisers with Norwex – it’s not something the company itself does, but a lot of consultants are happy to set something up with a school (or other organisation), and they are definitely eco friendly products! :)
    Kirsten McCulloch recently posted..Would You Like to Get Norwex Products for Free – on an Ongoing Basis?My Profile

  5. Abbie says

    I’ve just organised for my kids school an organic easter egg and organic hot cross bun fundraiser – profit margins aren’t great, but this one works more as a service – make it easy for people over easter to buy the organic option by delivering it to their child’s school (in black garbage bags to disguise the contents from little eyes!!!). While it’s still chocolate, you can choose to buy or not, unlike the $60 boxes of chocolates sent home for you to eat and then have to pay for!

  6. Robert says

    Love this Jo

    I’m the President of the school P & C this year and was looking for a good place to recommend to the fundraising committee for ideas.

    Thanks so much and thanks for being a wonderful City cousin for us over the years


    • (dt)em says

      Thanks Robert! Good luck in your new role. I reckon taking on the supermarkets and championing for change in Australia’s food industry will be a doddle compared to heading up the P&C! I’ve loved being a city cousin and am sure I will do so again, someday, somewhere… Love Food Connect!

  7. Kate says

    Fair trade and Ethical Products – it’s a social enterprise supporting not-for-profit organisation and marginalised communities overseas – 30% commission and always getting new and interesting products!

  8. Karen McCraw says

    Hi Jo
    I am the President of my daughters school P & C and are in the process of organising an outdoor movie night on our school oval for the school and general community. To coincide with this we are having a white elephant stall, a lady who makes beautiful candles , I have just found the smencils that are recycled pencils, I am looking for a couple of other stalls that can benefit the environment and the school funds. Thanks for your page it is hard to change the culture of small schools but events like this can help

    • (dt)em says

      Hi Karen, sounds like an amazing event, I hope you raised lots of money for the school. It’s great to know that you don’t have to peddle plastic stuff or unhealthy food to kids and parents!

  9. Jackstace says


    Its an nice share.
    I really like your Eco friendly school fundraising ideas.

    After reading this I must say that you also need to teach the kids important lessons in life such as raising environmental awareness.
    We all know that children are our future, we need to properly teach them about the importance of our environment and at the same time teaching them how properly organize a worthwhile fundraising project.
    And I this this must be teach in every school.
    Thank you so much for sharing these great tips.
    Many blessing to you.

  10. Nelly says

    Waste Free Wednesday is what a child in my class thought of and it is where you bring your food to school in a container

  11. Sam says

    These are great suggestions! Thanks for sharing! I will surely observe these ideas for my kid’s school. I really like it. Great Work!!

  12. Keith K. Moffitt says

    What a lovely post.Great and Interesting ideas put together for the purpose of fund raising by schools with respect to the environment. Making children aware regarding saving the environment is crucial and should be imparted through education at an early age. I strongly feel that this should be done in each and every school..
    Thanks for sharing..
    Keith K. Moffitt

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