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lassig vintage backpack

Last year, in a fit of decluttering, I sold my beloved nappy bag to a vegan with bright pink hair. I figured I was beyond the need for a nappy bag; my kids are three and five, after all! But it turns out I was wrong. I’m still carting bottles around, plus a change of clothes, swimmers, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, snacks and all that other crap children may or may not need during a half-hour outing. The only thing missing from today’s nappy bag is the nappies.

I’m not one to collect bags; I tend to use them to death, but  I like to have one casual and one dressy handbag, plus one everyday bag that will get me from playgroup to swim class to dinner by the beach. Hopefully with the children in tow. As my kids have gotten older, our needs have changed. I, for one, am less of a tote person and more of a backpack wearer as I spend much more time on my bike. The kids like their water cold, and they drink so much!. I’m like a freakin camel these days! I also like to be able to ask one of the kids to carry the bag, cos I’m a bit of a slave-driver. I’ve tried a regular backpack and a beach bag, but they’re just not that great. And I can never, ever find my keys or phone.

So with great relief, I have gone back to the nappy bag and now I am packing this Lässig Vintage Backpack, which not only looks great, it’s been made with environmentally-sensible materials. What the heck does that mean? It means no leather, no PVC (the world’s most poisonous plastic), no cadmium or nickel, which are rare and destructive to mine, no phthalates, no toxic Azo dyes and no plastic zips or fasteners. This thing is built to last and I reckon it’s even tough enough for my crazy life.

The Lässig Vintage Backpack comes with pram fasteners, change mat and insulated bottle holder, and has all those fab compartments and secret pockets that just make life easier. I particularly love the pouches that hold both kids water bottles upright and easy to find in the bag and, of course, the clip for keys and pocket for my phone. I’ve gone for the Ethno print, which is Aztec inspired with a magenta trim  (you can win this exact same bag by entering the competition below), and I am loving myself sick in it.

Lässig does kids’ backpacks and a great range of nappy bags, and all are made with the attitude of being safe for mum, bub and the planet. Check out the full range here and fine stockists here.

Win a Lässig Vintage Backpack just like mine!

Thanks to The Amazing Baby Company, we have a Lassig Vintage Backpack in ethno sand to give away, valued at $159.95. If, like me, you’re a mum on the go, you will love this bag. It’s so light and easy, wipes clean and inflicts no harm on the environment. A winner all round. To enter, tell me about the weirdest or most wonderful thing in your nappy bag. Competition closes March 31.

Sponsored giveaway. A sample product was provided for review, all opinions are my own.


  1. Verity says

    This looks gorgeous! Having just done a quick scan through my nappy bag I discovered (wait for it…) elastrators for ram lambs (oh the irony) and sheep ear tags! No idea why they are in the nappy bag along with our beloved passports – perhaps I’m subconsciously preparing to flee the country and fear that there may be rampant ram lambs and untagged sheep in need of attention.
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  2. Bek @ just For Daisy says

    Oh my!!!! That is an amazing backpack!! Having used the same nappy bag for all three kids mines quite worn and a little outdated but I didn’t want a brand new nappy style bag for one last bub….. But this!!!! This is more than a nappy bag. It’s a me bag!! Oh wow!
    The weirdest thing in my nappy bag would have to be….. (Wanders off to sift through nappy bag)….7 pairs of kids socks! That’s a lot of spares!!

  3. Antonietta says

    Weirdest thing found in the nappy bag was a rotting rusk, don’t know how it got in there, it was yuk! :)

  4. Narelle Rock says

    I keep a bottle brush in my nappy bag as I just hate the smell of the bottles if left with even a little bit of milk in them, will find a bathroom or something to wash them out!

  5. christina says

    Wet wipes.. They are my miracle. They save me from every situation and are truly heaven sent. Nothing seems so bad when you have wet wipes

  6. sonya says

    I have measuring cups and spoons in my bag! For some reason my little one loves them so when I’m struggling at the supermarket and he’s yowling away, I whip them out and voila, it buys me a few extra minutes of bearable shopping time!

  7. Nic says

    Finger puppets – I have 5 of them and they weigh nothing and take up virtually no room but so useful when it comes to entertaining the little ones while out!

  8. Clare says

    Our nappy bag has an empty burrito box in it. When my husband was learning to swaddle the baby he was told to wrap her like a burrito, and so he kept a pack handy in case! So far no salsa has been spilled.

  9. Samantha says

    Cat hair. Lol. It’s so difficult to keep my cat out of the nappy bag. She loves to go inside and sleep in this quiet and peaceful place. Hahaha.

  10. Samantha says

    Cat’s hair. Lol. It’s so difficult to keep my cat out of the nappy bag. She loves to go inside and sleep in this quiet and peaceful place. Hahaha.

  11. Jessica Ashbrooke says

    Just the usual for me nappies clothes wipes, toys a hammer and some screwdrivers my partner throws anything in there

  12. Stacie says

    The day I went searching for the nappy cream
    And pulled out a toilet duck! I was curious as to what the blue
    Stuff on my sons clothes was but being in a rush I had no time to look
    Into it but as soon as I put my hand on the duck, I knew!!
    At least he smelt nice!!

  13. Jessika Kemplen says

    I leave to bring my little one to daycare every morning and we go through the garage and my little boy usually grabs something whiteout me noticing :00
    I found a screwdriver,safety glasses and the a small tyre pump in my nappy bag the other day

  14. Laura Scriven says

    I have a few black bin bags. They’ve come in handy as rain jackets, spew bags and sacks for unwanted jackets, hats, etc so they won’t get lost as we wonder around.

  15. sonya says

    I have a set of magic rings from my daughter’s magic set. They always give a minute or two’s distraction which is handy when you have an upset toddler causing a fuss.

  16. Di says

    Would you believe a plain old acorn, complete with its little hat still on. Weird to some, wonderful to me and I can’t throw it out. It was the last thing given to me by my now late father. We were at a picnic, he jokingly picked it, handed it to me, and I put it in there as he laughed. Was nice to find it in the nappy bag many months later.

  17. Ke says

    I’ve carried around my cat in my backpack before – she loves crawling into bags, and I DID wonder why on earth it was so heavy!!!

  18. Ryan says

    Dried organic figs, perfect to keep Bub still for nappy change….only negative is next nappy change will be sooner than expected.

  19. Sharon Markwell says

    The brilliant photo of my husband covered in baby poo goes with me everywhere. A great talking & laughing point.

  20. lynne lillington says

    The Tv remote,and hubby spent hours looking for it. Very annoyed that he had to get up and change the channel.

  21. Judith Senese says

    With 3 sons, I never know what I will find. Recently I found my old mobile phone from nearly 14 years ago.

  22. Sarah T says

    I have a battery operated tea light candle in our nappy bag. My almost three year old loves them. I keep one on hand In case he gets restless when we are out and about. Keeps him amused and me free to get on with the errands

  23. bek says

    Some condoms, I don’t have a clue how they got in there but I don’t have time to breathe let alone anything else.

  24. Karly says

    Dried apple in a little press-seal bag. Inevitably our son gets hungry as soon as we leave the house so I’m prepared with a healthy snack.

  25. Tamara Lamb says

    The weirdest thing would be my little “perfume” samples that are perfect to pop in nappy bags with a dreaded nappy!

  26. Krystal D says

    One of those fake mouldy lunch bags to trick people out of eating your food. Somehow my nutella sandwich always tends to get eaten regardless.

  27. Isabel says

    Lego pieces, weird because who put them there and wonderful because I am the coolest mum ever, according to my kid. :)

  28. bryan flake says

    My wife needs a new purse. I want to surprise her with a random gift of love and respect. She is into the eco-friendly materials and things like that. Is there an eco-friendly purse maker out there that is head and shoulders above the rest of the pack?

  29. Lisa Schofield says

    I am a frequent flyer and I go travelling a lot. Yet sometimes I am vacation with my daughter and we both love pink backpack with fashionable design. Any good recommendation on this?
    Thanks for your tips and please keep it up.

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