10 Mothers’ Day gifts to buy yourself

Mothers day gift guide

This is a Mothers Day gift guide with a difference. The following are gifts you gorgeous eco mamas could give yourselves. Why? Because you’re worth it! Because you scrape poo out of cloth nappies and recycle plastic bags so they don’t ferment for hundreds of years in landfill. Because you spend hours cooking stuff from scratch to save on packaging and whacko chemicals.

You are freakin amazing and I commend you. No doubt you will be gifted some lovely handmade doosies and thoughtfully chosen whatsies from your beautiful children on Mothers Day and I know you will enjoy them, heck, cherish them. But why not get yourself a little something to say, “Hey! You’ve done the hard yards this year green-mama. You deserve some eco-friendly self-lovin’ (not in that way, who has time?”?

So happy Mothers’ Day, beautiful women. I wish you cuddles, kisses and an easy-to-maintain composting system. xxx

Home Detox ecourse

Do you want to exorcise your home of chemicals yet still keep it clean and safe for your family? Do yourself a favour and book onto to my friend Laura Trotta’s Home Detox Bootcamp. Laura shares her incredible knowledge in a practical way (she’s a mum with two young kids and happens to be an environmental engineer, too). If you book now, you’ll get the early-bird rate!

An in-kitchen composting unit

You know you’re an eco-geek when you’re lusting after a Bokashi bucket. But, let’s face it, no-one believes they can get away with buying you a compost bin for Mothers’ Day so you’ll have to do it yourself! Get your Bokashi One system here.

Natural perfume

Free from pthalates and petrochemicals, Vanessa Megan Essential Blend Natural Perfume is an infusion of Moroccan rose, geranium, patchouli, lavender and ylang ylang essential oils. Australian made, safe and blended with relaxation in mind.

Lipstick good enough to eat

I’m not actually suggesting you eat your lipstick, but it’s always nice to know you can, right? The Mandarin & Cinnamon Lip Nourish is made from clean, active foods like avocado oil and cacao butter and it just glides right on. Looks best with an op-shopped handbag and your “Feel me, I’m organic” T-shirt.

A day with Cyndi O’Meara

Hearing health educator Cyndi O’Meara speak will change the way you approach food, life and, well, most things. The powerhouse behind Changing Habits is speaking in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane about autoimmunity and thyroid issues, leaky gut, GMOs, and dodgy food labelling (you’ll be shocked how bad it is). Get your tickets here.

Organic cotton linen

I’m not usually one to hanker for bed sheets, but the organic cotton set we were given for our wedding a thousand years ago finally died (and has a new job holding up tomato saplings). I love the design of this Snowflake 100% organic cotton quilt cover, which comes with matching pillows and was designed right here in Brisvegas.

Anti-ageing beauty pack… with chocolate

Aging is natural, right? Well, I say, fight nature with nature! I just love La Mav products, particularly their all-natural BB Creme. For Mothers’ day, you can get a cleanser, wrinkle-smoothing cream, eye firming cream, lip tint and the World’s Best Chocolate all in one beautiful pack. Well played, La Mav.

A wholefoods makeover

Mum-of-three Lisa Corduff’s wildly popular ecourse, Small Steps to Wholefoods, is a baby-steps approach to healthy eating. Lisa’s down-to-earth approach means you can make the actual changes you need to start your wholefoods journey without feeling any pressure or guilt, or having spend a fortune on funky stuff you’ve never heard of. Enrollments are now open for the next course.

Earth Hour cookbook

Recipes that combat climate change? I am IN! The people behind worldwide phenomenon Earth Hour have released Planet to Plate, with 52 recipes from the foodie hoi polloi, plus real farmers talking about how global warming has affected their crops… and Australia’s food security.

Bamboo socks and undies

Do you ever just wish someone would go for the easy option? Socks and undies may not seem very exciting, but once you’ve wrapped your lady bits and tootsies in bamboo, you’ll never go back. Breathable, non-sweaty, super soft and with a much smaller environmental footprint than cotton, bamboo smalls are a big fave of mine. Find them here.

What do you deserve this Mothers’ Day?

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