Paris climate talks explained in less than two minutes

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Confused about the upcoming climate talks in Paris? Or maybe just too darn busy to get your head around them? This two-minute explainer by Australia’s Climate Council will provide you with a good understanding of how exciting, pivotal and important these talks are.

Australia is heading into the talks with woefully insubstantial emissions reductions targets and having just approved our biggest coal mine ever. That’s why we need to take to the streets to tell the government that we want real, meaningful action, not a talk-fest while we pump CO2 into the air.

Will you join us at the People’s Climate March?


  1. Julie says

    Climate change…….what do you want to achieve? The climate is changing all the time. The world hasn’t warmed for about 17 years. Thank goodness it hasn’t got colder! How would we grown our crops etc. If the politicians were serious about reducing emissions they’d stay at home and have a video conference instead of flying around in their big jet planes!

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