Wins, Fails, Events and Sales: your weekly eco news wrap


It feels a bit like the world’s gone mad at the moment and there’s nothing but bad news for the environment. Not true! There’s plenty to celebrate and by acknowledging the wins, we find the strength to face the fails.


The most exciting thing to happen in my neighbourhood while I was away: Queensland is banning plastic bags! Hooray! The ban will come into effect in 2018 and you can help make it really worthwhile. Fill out this quick government survey to make sure degradable bags are included in the ban.
Thank you x

Meanwhile, India just banned all forms of disposable plastic packaging in its capital, Delhi over concerns about air and sea pollution, while China has pledged in a report to the United Nations that it will literally go green, covering almost a quarter of its landmass in forests. The crouching tiger’s other 2020 goals include reducing water use by 23 percent, and carbon emissions by 18 percent. Makes our 5 percent goal look a little lame… (Source: Eco Snippets, check it out!)

Back at home, the Victorian government is getting serious about solar and announced that by the end of 2018, Melbourne’s trams will be run entirely on sun juice.

Still on energy, watch the Climate Council’s strangely hilarious and fist-pumping video about how Australia is rocking solar power. Onya mates:


Oh Malcolm. I had such high hopes for you. When I was given the opportunity to tell you in person about my concerns about climate change and its effect on my family, you pretended to care. Maybe you did care, but you weren’t Prime Minister then. The PM has come under fire for continuing to push the “coal is the future” agenda at a speech at the National Press Club. Give it up, Mal. No one’s buying. Literally, no one is going to buy all our coal, the world has moved on, it’s time we do too. For less teeth-gnashing, see this well-balanced Fact Check on the topic.

Of course you’ve probably heard by now that 2016 was the hottest year on record. Sound familiar? Oh yes, so was last year and the one before. The Bureau of Meteorology described 2016 as a “year of extreme events” including floods, fires, strange low-pressure systems, unusually dry wet seasons in the north and super-cell storms.

Then there’s Donald Trump. In the plunging move, he has taken steps to abolish America’s Environmental Protection Agency. He is already ramping up oil production by saying “who needs impact assessments?”, and there are fears he will renege on America’s commitment to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.


If you can get to Griffith University EcoCentre on Wednesday night 8 February, you can hear from experts about how climate change is and will affect the health of adults, children, the elderly and other vulnerable people. Details here.


Just a reminder that my favourite eco store, Biome, has free shipping on orders over $130 Australia-wide. And if you hurry up, you can enter to win a romantic getaway over at Nourished Life, home to the most decadent, earth loving beauty products money can buy.

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