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Win: Lego will ditch plastic by 2030

I have a love-hate relationship with Lego. I love it because it keeps my children quiet for at least 3.7 minutes, but hate it because of the tenacious way it invades your house. And also because six tonnes of Lego are sold every year, that’s 45 million new plastic blocks every year. But Lego is not evil, far from it, the company has already put a lot of effort into reducing the impacts of its iconic toy, including improving packaging and making sure it comes from responsible sources and investing in a wind farm.

Ultimately, Lego wants its bricks to be made from sustainable materials, which acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (really hard plastic that jabs into the soft parts of your feet) is not, and the company has announced a $US150 million investment into finding a material that meets its high standards and doesn’t harm the planet. Love your work, Lego! To find out more, see the full announcement here.

Win: Torba bans junk food

Over to my beloved Vanuatu, I was excited to read that the countries Southern province, Torba, is looking to ban the importation of all junk food, saying locals are better off eating local food only. This is huge – the Pacific nations are suffering so many health and environmental effects from the introduction of rice, sugar, two-minute noodles, lollies and other crap that fills the shops. The chiefs of the Torba province, popular with tourists who visit the Volcano on Tanna Island, believe local food sources are enough to sustain the people, and have a vision of making their province the first organic one in the world.

Fail: Baby turtles victims of extreme weather

This video breaks my heart! Tiny baby turtles are dying on Queensland’s Mon Repo beach because of the ongoing heatwave we’re having. They’re not making it across the hot sand and into the water, despite the efforts of volunteers and rangers who are moving new nests to shady ground and picking out the dead hatchlings to clear the way for the survivors.

Fail: The Treasurer brandishing a lump of coal in parliament

It was Show & Tell time in parliament on Thursday as Treasurer Scott Morrison who waved a nice chuck of coal at the opposition. It was given to him as a prop by the Minerals Council, according to The Guardian, and helped him be his usual patronising self. As Katharine Murphy describes it:

“This is coal,” the treasurer said triumphantly, brandishing the trophy as if he’d just stumbled across an exotic species previously thought to be extinct.

“Don’t be afraid,” he said, soothingly, “don’t be scared.”

No one was afraid, or scared. People were just confused. What was this fresh idiocy?

Last night, I had dinner with a friend who works in emergency preparation management. As three states swelter in a heatwave, emergency service workers are preparing for what could be the biggest weekend of their lives. Two thirds of NSW’s Hunter Valley is at “catastrophic” risk of fire. That means if someone so much as smells smoke, the whole place needs to be evacuated. There’s no option to stay and fight. So that’s Mr Morrison. You can keep your climate-bending coal.

Confused about the link between coal and climate, I’ll let Kelly O’Shanassy explain:

Event: Eco-warrior training with the ACF

Campaigning never got anyone anywhere, did it? Oh no, hang on, that’s complaining… If you want to become an effective, impact-making eco-warrior, there is no one better to teach you how that the Australian Conservation Foundation. These guys have passion and experience in droves and they are willing to share it with you!

Head to Brisbane March 17-19 for a weekend of training, nature and community building at Convergence 2017. Learn how to tell compelling stories, run a local group, engage local media and build a relationship with your political representatives. Be part of local campaigns that are part of something bigger. Tickets start at $70, full details here.

Sale: 10% discount code on Shift To Nature

For funky eco-friendly yoga wear, beautiful organic linen and clothes for women and kids, check out Shift to Nature, a newish Aussie store. Free shipping Australia-wide, use the code “Eco10” for 10 percent off everything!

Have a beautiful weekend, remember to let me know about your events and news!



  1. Jane McLeod says

    Best News I’ve heard all week! I love Lego because it entertains my boys for hours! But as I am a big believer in minimizing plastic and sell wooden toys, the whole Lego thing goes against the grain!

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