The good, the bad and the lovely: your weekly eco-news wrap

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Turn you old phone into food for someone in need and read my picks of the good and not-so-great news about all things eco. Plus a little bit of koala-lovin to make you smile :)

The Good

MobileMuster has teamed up with OzHarvest – the epic food-rescue charity that diverts quality food from landfill and instead cook meals for Aussies in need – with Mobile For A Meal. For every phone recycled until the end of February, MobileMuster will donate a meal to OzHarvest to feed an Australian in need. It’s free and there are loads of drop-off points all around Oz (find one here). Go dig out that old phone and put it to use in a really awesome way!
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One of Australia’s rarest marsupials, the northern bettong, have been “rediscovered”  in Queensland’s far north, reports WWF. “After searching for a year and a half, and walking for hundreds of kilometres in rugged bush, this was our eureka moment,” said WWF-Australia’s Jess Koleck, coordinator of the Northern Bettong Project.

endangered bettong

These little critters play a really important role in the health of the region’s eucalypt woodland; their numbers have dramatically declined in the past 20 to 30 years and until now, it was believed they only existed in one location. Now there are two!

I love it when Big Business does the right thing so I’m pumped about this news from Procter & Gamble: the mega company has announced that Head & Shoulders, of which they sell millions every day, will produce the world’s first recyclable shampoo bottle made from up to 25 per cent recycled beach plastic.

Partnering with my heroes TerraCycle, P&G will release a “special edition” bottle in France in June, through Carrefour. This will be the world’s largest production run of recyclable bottles made with post-consumer recycled (PCR) beach plastic, and a first major step in establishing a unique supply chain that involves the support of thousands of volunteers and hundreds of NGOs collecting plastic waste found on beaches. It’s a start, and it’s a good one.

If you’re my age, you’ll know what Chernobyl means: toxic nuclear wasteland. However, the Ukraine government has got the BEST idea, check it:

The Bad

Of course the worst news was that heluva heatwave experienced here in Australia last week. I was at a wedding where bridal party and guests nearly melted, but that’s nothing compared to the deaths of thousands of bats that fell from the trees in NSW and South Australia. Heatwaves are known as “silent killers” because they affect the elderly, young and people with respiratory problems, so we don’t know the true toll of the 40+ temps.

The stoush between pro-fossil fuel and pro-renewable energy continues as each side argues about the causes of the SA power blackout from the last big heatwave. The former says SA’s reliance on wind let the state down, while the latter says the failure of gas generators to cope with the conditions were the reason people were left sweltering and with no electricity. Enough with the mud-slinging, let’s focus on the fact that days like that could become the new normal and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Meanwhile, scientists in Australia and Sweden have found that humans are driving climate change 170 times faster than natural sources, which will hopefully put paid to the argument that the leap in carbon emissions and global temperatures since the industrial revolution is simply a “coincidence” and nature “doing its thang”.

In international news, Donald Trump could become the first President to single-handedly wipe out a species of bee. FFS.

The lovely

We all know about guide dogs but did you know about conservation dogs? Watch one in action in this video from the ABC!

And then there’s this from RainForestation Nature Park in Kuranda:

And that’s a wrap. Have a beautiful day!

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photo credit: Halans Sunset via photopin (license)


  1. Evachill says

    Great post Jo! It’s so good to see big companies like Procter & Gamble making positive changes and raising awareness of the big issues :) Let’s hope others follow!

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