The good, the bad & the lovely: your fortnightly eco-news wrap

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A new place to hide, the cutest conservationist making social media waves and an update on balloons, here’s everything you need to know on the environment front and more.

The Good

So the best news of all is that we no longer have to worry that we’ve screwed up this world because NASA has found seven more planets for us to move to! Thank goodness. And just when Trump was elected. See, the universe will always provide. Yes, I know sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but it’s true that seven “exoplanets” have been discovered that may be the right temperature for water and life to exist. The new huddle was spotted orbiting around a faint star in the constellation caled Aquarius – the hippies knew what they were on about: this is literally the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Surely our friends on these new planets will buy our coal?


In energy news, solar is now officially cheaper than fossil fuels in most of our capital cities according to a new report by the Climate Council. For individuals and businesses (small-scale use), the cost of “going solar” has dropped 58 percent in the past five years and is expected to fall another 40 to 70 percent. More excitingly, large-scale solar is proving to be cheaper than opening new coal plants, which, in theory, should guarantee us a sunny future.

At least one state is on the right track, with Victoria committing to zero emissions by 2050. Victoria’s newly strengthened Climate Change Act passed into law in Parliament on Thursday and has all parts of government in the state working together to  reduce Victoria’s pollution and help  prepare for the impacts of global warming. If the new planet plan doesn’t work out, head to Victoria.

The Bad

This week, Donald Trump put a man in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency who has previously sued the agency a dozen times and is known to think climate change is baloney, but let’s not waste any more energy on that demented dictator.

Next up, I didn’t know whether to put this into the good or bad news category… I have written before about the impact balloons have on the environment and some people say I am a mean party pooper. But Now balloons have been named as one of the top three most harmful pollutants by the CSIRO, sparking a new campaign by Zoos Victoria and Phillip Island Nature Parks that calls on Australians to stop releasing them into the environment. Find out more and pledge to use balloons responsibly here.

Finally, Australia experienced “exceptional” heat and dry conditions in the first two months of 2017, according to the Bureau of Meteorology’s latest special climate statement. This is likely to have a significant impact on our treasured Great Barrier Reef. The reef has already suffered significant coral bleaching, as these pictures show, and now the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority has warned there is an “elevated and imminent risk” of widespread coral bleaching across the reef again this year.

See you on the new planet, which we shall name in honour of Victoria.

The lovely

At the risk of sounding all “old people are so cute”, I have to share this video by a Councillor in Brisbane. What a great way to boost the conservation efforts of this wonderful woman:

And just cos I’m excited… I am trying out these cool produce bags, which are designed to keep your organic fruit and veg fresher for longer. Stand by for my review!



Until next time, have a happy, earth-friendly day!

Jo Hegerty xx grey





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photo credit: Philippe Put Eden via photopin (license)

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