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I have a beautiful friend called Boy (true story) who never wears deodorant. At least, he didn’t when we were working side by side in a sweaty pub 20 years ago. Surprisingly, Boy generally smelt quite delightful despite refusing to where what he called anti-stink. “That shit is bad for you,” he said.

At this stage I was still a head-to-toe Impulse kinda gal and this was quite a revelation that set me on a stop-start path of seeking alternatives to aerosols and aluminium. Today, I can confidently say I have tried every method of anti-stink around, from crystal sticks to DIY baking soda inventions to expensive natural roll-ons.

This past month, I have been trialing No Pong Anti-odorant, which I love for lots of reasons, including that it is made from natural ingredients, comes in plastic-free packaging and offers a bicarb-free version for folks who are sensitive to that ingredient.

So the big question is: does No Pong work? Because, if you’re anything like me, you have used a lot of natural deodorants that don’t last the day. Well, I am happy to say that yes, in my experience, No Pong is very effective as an anti-stink.

natural deodorant

My testing process involves using the product every day, sniffing my own armpits regularly and occasionally asking others to do the same. No Pong has stood up to some tough trials–a seven-kilometre run at the wrong time of day, the bizarre 31-degree mid-winter day we just had in Brisbane, and one particularly impressive performance when one of the kids’ car seats was stuck in my mum’s hire car and I couldn’t get the clasp to release, the sun was beating through the back window, I was wearing a long-sleeve top, time was running out… you get the idea. The point is, I sweated, but I didn’t stink.

Tips for using natural deodorant

As with any natural product, you need to make slight shifts in thinking and application. The first thing you’ll notice about No Pong is that it’s a paste. That means you scoop a little onto your finger and rub it into your armpits. Does this make your toes curl? Honestly the much-maligned pit is far less icky than you might think. Years of roll-ons and aerosols have made us all think the armpit is something to be approached with a pair of tongs. They are a part of you, so get over it and get into it!

The reason we smell is not because we sweat, it’s the bacteria on the skin that festers and gives off an odour. I know, eeeeeww. Using a natural antibacterial product like No Pong, which contains coconut oil, kills the bad bacteria, making your armpit a generally nice place to hang out.

There is one thing you should do when using any natural deodorant, which will explain the image I chose for this post – give it a chance to sink in. After you apply, adopt the “cormorant stance” demonstrated above for a minute or so. This will make your anti-odorant more effective and give you more confidence. It will also prevent any transfer of the product onto your clothing. On that note: I haven’t observed any white marks or other stains on my clothes from using No Pong.

Another thing that I really like about No Pong is what they call the “low-friction” formula. I’ve used liquid roll-on deodorants that can cause chaffing or a stingy sensation after a run or just running around on a hot day, but I’ve not had this issue with No Pong.

At last I feel I have found the natural-deodorant for me, if it sounds like your cup of tea, you can buy No Pong here for $8.95, or find our more information here.

One last note, if you find you have very sharp-smelling, malodorous pits but practise great hygiene and use natural deodorant, it’s worth remembering that if you’re extremely stressed, your sweat can smell as you excrete all those stress hormones. You might need to think about your lifestyle and check in on your anxiety levels. Just sayin.

Do you use a natural deodorant (or anti-stink)? What do you love – or hate – about it?


photo credit: Davey6585 Safari-51 via photopin (license)


  1. Mel says

    I love No pong too! I’ve tried other natural brands but they never worked. I actually find No Pong more effective than other non-natural aluminium containing deodorants which I didn’t expect. This sweaty, smelly gal is happy!

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