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Hi, I’m Jo Hegerty, a writer and mum-of-two living near Brisbane, Australia. I write about sustainability, health, parenting and travel, among other things, for some of Australia’s leading publications. You can find out more about me here.

Down to Earth Mother is designed to inspire, inform and motivate mums to make greener choices.Why mums? Because we are role models, we (mostly) control expenditure, and every minute of every day we are making important choices that affect the health and happiness of our families.

Within these pages you’ll find ideas and advice on how to reduce waste, use less water and fewer resources, raise green kids, avoid harmful chemicals (they’re everywhere!) and more. I’ll let you into my backyard to see how we do it, and share inspiring stories from others who are doing incredible things.

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I love to support Aussie businesses, but be assured that I will only write about those that genuinely provide a green solution or product. No greenwash here.

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